December 23, 2015

12 Dates of Christmas: On the Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Date...

We looked at Christmas lights - 3 different ways, 3 different places.

First up was our annual visit to the Dyker Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn. We enjoyed a slice from Tony's Pizzeria - our favorite in that neck of the woods - and then we spent an hour just walking through the streets checking out the lights. That neighborhood really goes all out and it's become a fun tradition to stroll around there. You can see more pictures on this post from last year.


The next date was a stop at our absolute favorite Christmas house in all of the tri-state area. It's been officially named "Santa's Corner" so you can search for that on Instagram for tons of pictures. I didn't take as many this year, but it was as lovely as ever. Plus, we were able to bring a few friends along that had never been. It's a fun place to share.




And our last date involving Christmas lights was a holiday light tour of the city from On Location Tours. We were given tickets in exchange for a review, but all the opinions to follow are my own.


The tour starts at Columbus Circle and ends up at Herald's Square with lots of fun stops and sights on the way. I think doing tours like these are especially helpful if you are visiting because it allows you to check out places in the city that you may not have found on your own. Plus, you get lots of extra movie trivia. The store windows along 5th Avenue are not to be missed during the holiday season and everyone should take a trip to Macy's during the holiday season.

I would definitely recommend this fun tour during the holiday season to get a different perspective of the sights. Take the later tour if possible since the first one starts before it's dark outside and you really want to take in the lights more than anything else. Also, don't plan on having too much time at the stops - instead, just take note of places you want to spend more time exploring.

So that wraps up our Christmas Light dates. I have a few more to share. Let me know where you go to look at lights. Have you ever been to Dyker Heights or done a light tour?

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.


  1. Dyker has the best lights! Those houses are insane. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Love love love the Dyker lights. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So awesome! Hope you and Greg had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. Wooooah pretty! I have to look into these next year, I had no idea this was even available so close to me! My neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn goes all out with lights, too! Looks like you had fun, hope you ad a lovely Christmas!!

    Meghan Sara /


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