November 20, 2015

Thank You Notes Vol. 10

It's the month of being thankful, so I thought I would do another round of Thank You notes.

Thank you Christmas Jammies for being amazing and wonderful. I have bought this year's pair already and will show them to you eventually. I do still love last year's superman jams. Also, I'm super awesome at selfies.

Thank you Seth Meyers for having tickets available in December so I can finally hang out with you live and in person. There are definitely perks to living so close to Manhattan.

Thank you James Denton for being so damn cool. A few weeks ago, you were next to us in the security line at MSP with your flannel on. I let you go in front of me because we had laptops and other things to deal with and you cracked jokes and said thank you. You just seem cool.

Thank you rainy night. You are perfect for watching TV and browsing the inter webs. Plus, it's snowing in Minnesota right now, so I'm happy to have warm winds and snow. It's not Thanksgiving yet, so snow would be too soon.

Thank you Vikings for making me dance around my living room the last few weeks. Every season, I proudly wear my Purple & Gold, but this year has been exceptionally fun to watch. This weekend is our biggest game yet and I'm nervous, but excited. Also, the Vikings ship they are adding to the new stadium? Brilliant!

On that same note, thank you Olivia Munn for whatever the Packers fans say you are doing to Aaron Rodgers. Can you at least give me one more week?

Thank you Zombies, Run! I haven't run in a while. I get bored too easily. This app tells you a story about how you are collecting supplies and helping save the world while running. Special shout out to Samantha for relighting the fitness fire.

Thank you Omeleto for sharing this animation describing the war in Syria. I don't pretend to be an expert in many current events. I like the way this explains the current, complicated situation so I can understand it.

Thank you random Manhattan store front for this little gem we found on a city walk recently. LOL

Thank you in advance for this upcoming weekend. I'm excited for pancakes, mimosas, football, Justin catching some giant fish in the ocean, Christmas card finalizing and possibly another zombie run. Crazy things happening over here.

Happy Friday to all of you. Hope you've got your Christmas jammies picked out already.

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  1. That's it. I need some Christmas jammies!!

    I'm so excited that you get to go see Seth Myers!!! I can only imagine how excited you are for that!

    James Denton. I had to google him, but see he lives in Nashville so OBV he's cool. That's just a given ;)

    And lastly, you're welcome! We're going to rock this fitness journey this go around!!! So excited you're joining us!

  2. Christmas jammies, yes! I need to get a pair for this year.

  3. MFD is heading out for stripers on Saturday - may the fish be plentiful in the Atlantic! I'm doing some shopping and eating with my mom and aunt - right up my alley!

    That Viking ship is pretty freaking cool.

  4. i tried the zombies run app, but i don't know if it didn't work for me or what, but it didn't tell me when to run. it was weird. those pjs are the best, as are your selfies.


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