November 2, 2015


It looks like December in every store in the tri-state area, but it's not. It's November and it is going to be a wonderful month. We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary of East Coast living. We have some awesome people coming to visit.

Reading my way through my bookshelf. I've had a Jennifer Weiner book on my shelf for a few years and I'm finally reading it. I'm kind of annoyed by it, but I'll finish it and then donate it. After this one, I'm excited to get back to my to-read list.

Watching movies. We just finished rematching all the Batman movies and were able to purge a few from our collection because they are horrible. Batman & Robin is a horrible movie.

Eating pizza. We took two weeks off and we are back in the saddle now. I can't wait to consume this pizza again this week. Oh and Halloween candy.

Sad about the Mets game last night. I stayed awake until the 11th inning. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, but at least I got a good night's sleep before the sadness set in. Congrats to the KC Royals. Until next year.

Beginning a month of writing. I have a goal of 30,000 words this month. We have some visitors next weekend, but then a few open weekends where I will spend lots of time pounding the keys on my laptop.

Smelling hot coffee. It's Monday AM and coffee is essential to my happiness.

Thankful that the weather has been so wonderful and we have been able to enjoy lots of weekends outside.

Counting down to our winter vacation already. We have a beach trip planned and hopefully 2 ski weekends. If you have any advice on Mont Tremblant or Costa Rica, let me know. I'll be going into full planning mode this month.

Loving November already. This is going to be a wonderful month.

What are you doing today? What are you reading, watching, eating?


  1. I was bummed about The Mets losing! I was cheering for them cause of Michael Cuddyer (that's such a Minnesotan thing isn't it?)

  2. I need to get planning on two upcoming vacations.

    Sorry about the Mets!

  3. I'm hoping to get a lot of writing done this month too- we'll see how that and football season coincide for me ;) I'm definitely not ready for Christmas yet-- November means more fall, Jared's bday and Thanksgiving of course!

  4. That pizza looks AMAZING. Also, I'm going to need your book recommendations here shortly (I hope) - asking for an e-reader for Christmas! Missssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  5. There's nothing better than pizza. Literally nothing.

  6. I'm loving November already, too! Also, that pizza looks amazing!


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