November 17, 2015

A Different Kind of Anniversary


We left St. Paul and headed towards Jersey two years ago. The original plan was to have us back in Minnesota already getting resettled into our house near Como Park. We weren't sure what would happen and if we would find our own comfort here.

The first weekend after our move, we took the ferry into the city. We started in Midtown getting overpriced food at a diner near Times Square. We walked to the Flatiron and continued to Washington Square Park and through Greenwich Village. We finished our day by wandering through Chelsea Market.

Last year, our friend, Brian, was in town when we hit our one year anniversary of east coast living and by accident, we did a lot of those same things. We started at Chelsea Market with donuts from the Doughnuttery. We walked to Washington Square Park and continued an epic adventure. You can read about that adventure here

This past weekend, we made a similar journey. We took the ferry in and made our way to the Flatiron Building. We enjoyed the art installations in the park and then decided to get some snacks at Eataly. A glass of wine and a cheese plate, we were ready for some more walking.

We did some window shopping on 5th Ave and then headed west towards Chelsea Market for our annual walk through. We visited Corkbuzz and then snacked on a Huevos Rancheros crepe from Crepe Suzette. We grabbed some donuts to eat while shopping in the Artists & Fleas section. We grabbed a cab to head back to the ferry and we were home before 8 PM.

On our ferry ride back, we were laughing at how much we've learned about our own tastes and the city since moving. The things we enjoy now are different from the things we thought we would love when we arrived two years ago. We have a groove, we have favorites, we have a routine. We also love throwing all that out the window and trying new things and exploring different areas.

On the ferry ride back across the Hudson, we laughed and smiled about the last two years. It's been better than we ever could have imagined. We have met some of the greatest people, had the most epic adventures, shared this city with some of our best friends and family and definitely found home.

We are so grateful.


  1. Happy east coastiversary!

    I've loved following along on your journey and am so glad you guys are open to going and seeing and doing and trying. It makes for a great life...and great reading for those of us doing that! Thanks.

  2. So sweet-I love that you guys are still adventuring!

  3. And every year, I will say it - I'm SO happy you guys have fell in love with the East Coast!! I love reading about your adventures in the city! Now move down South and adventure here ;)

  4. how special and awesome! thank you for sharing. It's funny how our experiences ebb and flow.


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