October 8, 2015

Thoughts on a Thursday

Let's call this a mind dump. Just me dropping some knowledge on you and getting a few things off my chest.

If you follow me on Snapchat (which you should, my username is stephgregerson), you may have seen my professional dog walking skills. And then my dogs' serious rebellion skills. I saw this picture and then laughed my ass off.

Regarding the Toasted Graham Lattes at Starbucks: I've been wanting to try this for the last few weeks, but every barista I asked said that it was very sweet and I love "kind of " sweet. Today, the lovely young man behind the counter had a marvelous idea - no whip cream and one less pump of whatever sugary syrup they add. It is amazing. I finally feel basic. I loved it.

I just packed my suitcase for my weekend back in Minnesota and there are only three colors in it - maroon, black and forest green. I think I've finally figured out simplistic packing.

I feel left out every time a new iPhone comes out because I just can't afford upgrades as often as they come out. My new strategy is to get a new cover whenever I want a new phone so I can pretend. Turns out it works.

I wish I was leaf peeping again this year. Last year's trip was epic.

I think Dubsmash is the greatest Fantasy Football app ever. Confused? I'll explain. Our league does a whole bunch of shit talking. It makes everything super fun and there are lots of side bets. Dubsmash has become our creative way of sending messages. I will admit that sometimes I spend 15 minutes trying to really nail the lip syncing.

Rangers beat the Blackhawks and the Yankees lost. It's been a great sports week for me.

I decided to treat myself to a glass of champagne the other night... just because. Then the wind blew, the shades moved, the glass was knocked over and it was all over the couch and my laptop. The computer has sobered up now and is fine, but I swear that happens anytime I get excited about a treat myself cocktail.

Other quick confessions:
I'm watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix... for a second time. While we are on that topic, I watched the worst movie on Netflix the other night called Revenge of the Bridesmaids and I sat through the whole thing.
I ate pizza for 4 meals this week. I swear leftovers were involved. I'm thinking of being pizza for Halloween.
I finally bought the battery pack for my phone, mostly so I never have to be away from football scores and Instagram.
I splashed in puddles last weekend and it made me oh so happy.
I just keep staring at my sleeping dogs. I'm so obsessed with them.
I've started a few posts this week about current events and got so angry and nasty that I had to delete them. It might be time for a Facebook break again. I hate those.

I'm off to bed this evening. Well, let's call it "wind down" time. Tomorrow, we have the wedding season finale for 2015. Congrats to Tony & Caroline.


  1. Oh my word, that photo from last years trip is gorgeous! That is where I want to be like right NOW!!!
    That last quote is so me....so so me!

  2. You just got me thinking of pizza, and I should totally make pizza this weekend. With...garlic bread omg. I've never heard of toasted graham lattes, but I also don't drink coffee, so that's a good reason lol.

  3. I definitely had pizza way too many times in the past couple of weeks.... Life gets busy and pizza is just so darn easy! ;) I love your snapchats!!

  4. Congratulations on finally arriving to basic.

  5. Pizza. Yum.

    What phone case did you get? I got the mophie battery pack last year, but hated how thick/long it was (that's what she said?).

    Come leaf peep in Virginia!!! It's the BEST.


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