October 20, 2015

This Weather though...

The weather has been absolute perfection and while we all love the basic things about fall. I'm going to share the normal things I love about this weather.

1. My dogs are playing again. They go outside and they play with the neighborhood dogs. In the Summer, they do a really quick little jaunt around the park and they are hot and tired. Sunday morning, they played for an hour with their friends in the park. 

2. Our apartment complex planted the assortment you see above throughout all of our green space and I love it. Even though our leaves aren't falling yet, it just screams autumn.

3. Vests and boots without seeing my breath. That is comfort.

4. Red wine is back. I just don't usually feel like red wine in the summer when it's hot out. Now, I'm back at it and have a nice little stock to work my way through. Also back, hot drinks. 

5. Movie nights with crockpot meals are so much cheaper than any summer night out in the city. This time of year just makes me want to cuddle up on my couch which makes my bank account happy and allows us to save some cash for ski season.

6. Air conditioning is off and the heat isn't on. That is also nice to my wallet. 

OK, some of it was a little basic, but I'm mostly happy that my dogs have found their youthful energy again. I'm off to Minnesota again this week for a quick work trip. Hopefully winter hasn't arrived there yet, because I didn't pack my winter coat.


  1. I love crockpot meals, something so comforting about them!

  2. My dogs like to linger outside now too!

    I love when the house doesn't require heat or air. Love love love. Those are always my favorite days.

  3. Crock pot meals and open windows are my favorite things. It's the little comforts! You picked a good week to come back to MN, it's a nice 60-70 degrees and last night in late October I even had dinner on the patio!

  4. Love this weather but I'm ready for the cold crisp air! Where is Fall season already?

  5. love this. This weather is great! I actually go to school way upstate in New York and it snowed last week! xx,kenz


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