October 1, 2015


Does anyone else feel September went super fast? October is here and so is the cooler air. The Pope is gone and Joaquin is possibly on the way. The picture below is from our trip through Southern Vermont last year. I'm determined to cross at least one covered bridge this fall too.

Currently, I'm...

Smelling the Lakeside Sunrise candle from B&BW. Autumn has officially arrived and like all basic b's out there, I will be burning candles non stop because this is the best season of scents.

Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on Hulu. Old school Kim = LOL for days. Except I have that stupid Tardy for the Party song in my head now (and you might too now - sorry.) These women are all nuts and they are great entertain for me.

Cheering loudly for the Twins & the Mets. The Wildcard spot is still possible for MN and the Mets have clinched :) Also, Vikings football.

Chuckling about the articles circling around about the woman that got charged for RSVPing to a wedding and then not coming. You can read the NY Post article here. My biggest question is why the woman would call the media about this. Weddings can be expensive and people seem to not understand RSVPing today. I don't know about sending an invoice, but I can understand the frustration from both sides. I just think it's hilarious that it's being picked up by so many different news outlets.

Reading reactions of the Pope's visit to the United States. Everything was very positive until the Kim Davis secret meeting was discovered. Also, I'm still reading The Outlander. I'm hoping to have it done before this month's book linkup with Steph.

Eating Sea Salt caramels from Hudson Chocolates. I should really never buy an entire bag of these.

Beginning my holiday shopping. I know it seems early, but I'm determined to shop local this year for as much as possible and that means I actually have to leave my couch. I prefer to do that while it's nice outside.

Practicing my Spanish. I wish I would have learned this language as a kid, I've heard it's WAY easier.

Drinking coffee and wondering why every day isn't National Coffee Day. Can I just start making up days? Who is in charge of this?

Excited for the wedding season finale next weekend. Our good friends are getting married and we get to be there to celebrate. I'm hoping for the perfect fall day for them. Also, I play the groom in fantasy next week, so I'm hoping he forgets to update his roster for bye weeks.

Listening to Elvis Costello. His voice sounds like a sweater feels. Is that a weird description? Don't really care. In that same group, Van Morrison and Leon Bridges. Need a playlist?

I got to run. Honey Boo Boo has a rap video that I must watch before diving into work this morning. You can't make this stuff up. Tell me what you're up to.


  1. I'm with you--I hope October goes by a little slower!

  2. Fun fact: today is actually International Coffee Day ;)

    And yes, September FLEW by. Also, give me all the good smelling candles! JC even loves them! I swear, that guy buys more candles than I do.

  3. September always flies for me. I blink and it's gone. It's one of my favorites too, but luckily so is October. Our October is packed though. Whew. This year is giving me a run for my money.

    I don't think the Pope had much of an idea of who Kim Davis was, I think she was placed in front of him as a favor. And the fact that she's using this meeting as she is is just....indicative of the kind of idiot she really is.

  4. I'm totally on the hunt for some awesome smelling candles. Fall makes me want to burn candles too!

  5. I totally agree, September FLEW by! And every day is coffee day in my world! :)

  6. September flew by and now I feel like October is too!


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