October 29, 2015

A Life Choice Explained

I've got a joke for you:

A Vegan, an Atheist and a Crossfitter walked into a bar...

I know because they told me as soon as they came in.

LOL because it's true. What does this have to do with my post? Am I telling you that I've signed up for Crossfit?

No, because that scares me. I'm reminding you of a different life choice I've made.

I do not eat meat. Technically, I'm a Pescatarian because I do eat fish. Even though meat-free is becoming a lifestyle for more people each year, I still get lots of surprised reactions when people find out. Recently, there has been lots of buzz in the news regarding meat causing cancer. Here is one CNN article about the recent WHO reports. I figured it would be a good time to explain my choices again.

What do you eat? 
Are you one of those PETA people? 
You probably aren't getting enough protein. 
Are you trying to lose weight?

I made a choice in April 2012 to be meat free for 30 days. It was part of my 30 before 30 list. I wanted to try new foods and get outside of my comfort zone. It just continued longer than planned. It wasn't a very thought out thing.

Let me be really honest. The first few weeks, I ate PB&J sandwiches and cheese pizza. By the middle of the month, I was starting to feel guilty that I wasn't really accomplishing my goal. I started with some documentaries. I wanted to learn more about meat. I know that sounds so weird, but I was a 26 year old with high cholesterol and a desire to be healthier.

Forks over Knives was the first one and it was a snowball effect. The more I saw, the more I was interested in learning. I reread Fast Food Nation (and threw up in my mouth again multiple times.) There are so many resources out there with recipes, ideas, facts, terrifying pictures. You can find it all.

At the end of my 30 days, I just didn't miss meat. I had learned a lot and there wasn't any part of me that wanted a hamburger (or turkey burger.) I was learning new recipes, eating better and having less stomach issues. My husband had jumped on board and was feeling way better.  We added fish back into our diet after eating out multiple times and realizing that fish is a great option when you're sick of pasta.

We just haven't looked back.

I care about animals, I care about the environment, I care about my health. None of those really sparked this change in my life. I just wanted to try something different. It's really that simple. But it's cool that there are other benefits and the more I learn, the happier I am with our choice.

I don't judge anyone around me on what they put into their mouth. Would I love it if my dad stopped eating fast food? Yes. But I don't preach about it and I don't roll my eyes at the table when he orders a double cheeseburger. It's a decision we made and we love it, but we don't expect everyone else to feel the same way.

I reread my original post about this topic which has been popular on this blog and definitely feel like it had more of a cheerleader tone for anyone considering making a change. I definitely still encourage everyone to learn more about what you're eating, challenge yourself to try new things and always enjoy your food.

So that's my answer.

I want you all to know that I'm beyond happy to share our favorite meat free recipes and I will answer any questions you enter below. I'll pull together a post with some of my favorite resources.

Just to make sure we are clear: I am not a role model for healthy eating. Pizza, cocktails, brunches (not the super healthy kind) and cupcakes are in my weekly rotation. Nobody is perfect. I'm just doing me.


  1. I think it's interesting that it started out as a whim for you and you kept on with it.

    Did you see the Cow documentary? Crap what is it called...Cowspiracy?

  2. I've been going back and forth with wanting to cut out meat from my diet. It's partially for health reasons and because I care about animals. What are some easy recipes you make? I think my biggest problem is I don't cook, my husband does and he's a big meat eater.

  3. You've read my mind with this! I've gone back and forth with vegetarianism for years. The best option for me is maintaining a mostly pescatarian diet with the occasional meat when I get a craving. I'd love to see some recipes that aren't pasta haha!

  4. I've watched a few documentaries as well and it definitely changed my outlook for awhile. Jared and I significantly cut back on the red meat probably about a year ago, and I can't remember the last time I've had any! I eat a lot of chicken, and not sure if I'd ever give it up or not, but it is something I consider still. I'm blown away by the research that has just come out on processed meats- I knew it wasn't GOOD, but it's much worse than I thought. I would definitely look forward to hearing some of your favorite recipes :)

  5. I've seen a few documentaries but nothing's really stuck with me. I call myself a flexitarian. I try to avoid meat but if I want a burger I'll have one.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly, no one cares what you put in your body until you are NOT putting something, then it's everyone's business. Good for you for sticking to what works for you, that's really what it's all about.

  7. Loved this post-- and that joke because it did make me literally laugh out loud, haha. I'm more of a meat on the side kind of a person if that makes sense, but would love to hear more meat free recipes!

  8. Yup - I love meat and a good steak but have cut down a lot on meat consumption. Feeling better too and my training is still doing well.

    I have friends into crossfit and the vegan life and they can't stop talking about it so I had to laugh about this.


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