September 14, 2015

Lights, Brunch, Action

A weekend back on the East Coast after many weekends away was just what the doctor ordered.

Friday night, we had dinner with a friend and then walked through Liberty State Park in Jersey City to see the 9/11 Memorial lights close up. It really is a breathtaking sight to see from all over the NYC area.

Saturday morning, Justin hit the waves early, so I did some reading and video editing. We finally got to check out Queens Comfort for brunch with some friends.. If you live anywhere in the NYC area, you must check out Queens Comfort. I indulged in a fried green tomato benedict and also helped myself to a little of BOTH appetizers - the Atomic mac & cheese balls and the french toast balls. It was amazing.

I was also helping with a scavenger hunt back in Minneapolis for a good friend on Saturday afternoon. I created all the missions for them and helped grade their trivia answers. It was fun to participate, even though we couldn't be there in person. (This is why you saw a few ridiculous yoga pictures - you had to do a yoga pose in front of the object it is named after.) We sat outside in Astoria and followed again with their progress via the hashtag #abearturns29 and we laughed and cheered.

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Sunday, we decided to have a phones free day and get back to the Sunday Stroll. We ended up walking from 93rd Street on the Upper West Side to 10th Street down in the village. We zigged and zagged and wandered through the streets enjoying the perfect weather. We caught the train back to our car and then headed back towards home to grab lunch and watch some football.

Phone free time + very few plans + 9:30 PM bedtimes + the return of football + good food + lots of laughs = a Happy Monday AM (don't worry there were bagels and coffee this morning too)

How was your weekend?


  1. Okay when I come visit NYC, please take me to Queen's Comfort- I will be having everything that you ordered ;) Yum!

    1. Um, make that reservation for 3. Mac & Cheese Balls AND French Toast Balls!? GIMME.

  2. This is the stuff weekends are made of. I like the sounds of the menu at Queen's Comfort. I like the name too.

    I loved your yoga pose on IG.

  3. Oh yeah, we are all about a good boozy brunch here on weekends in NYC!


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