September 7, 2015


Currently I'm...

Fighting fall. I'm determined to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before I jump into all things fall. It was 93 degrees out today. Shorts, flip flops and maybe one more trip to the beach.

Thankful that we had a safe trip home. We made the decision to power through and drive ALL THE WAY from Minnesota to Jersey in one day. Our dogs were rockstars and we made it - this allowed us to have a day to unpack and unwind before work starts again.

Unpacking our suitcases. Thank goodness we did some laundry at my in-law's last week and had a full suitcase of clean clothes. Makes our return a little easier.

Watching The Human Experiment on Netflix and getting really angry at how difficult it is for our country to get rid of toxic chemicals in our products. It's making me look around my house again to find out what could be harmful to us in our own home. Just trying to not harm myself is exhausting.

Planning our next vacation. It will be a quick weekend somewhere close to home, but we can't stand to not have something in the future to look forward to.

Drinking some Riesling. Summer is going to start winding down which means I'll be done with the sweet wines for a while. I must get my fill.

Sad because Hoboken lost a very important person this past week. Benny Tudino has passed away. His pizza is the best in all of Jersey. We walked by today and there were so many flowers and memorials outside. I'm determined to get myself some pizza this week and pay my respects.

Loving all of our polaroid pictures from the past two weeks. Justin bought this camera for my birthday and we love it. It gives us photos that are real. We try and give people fun little souvenirs from fun moments. It gives us a chance to take a picture without instantly putting it on Facebook or Instagram.

Wanting all of the fall clothes from Old Navy. They are dirt cheap and super cute. But, since I'm still in summer mode - I need to just wait. (Maybe I already purchased a few things)

Do you have any favorite destinations in the northeast for a fall weekend getaway? What are you up to?


  1. Fighting Fall? Why? Its the best season! I am so over this 90 degree summer swamp ass weather. Bring on the cold crisp air!

    You drove from MN to NJ? Ouch. Take a plane next time.

  2. I actually really love the shore in September and October.

    Welcome back to the east coast!

    Off to check Old Navy.

  3. Coming home with a suitcase of clean clothes makes such a major difference. Otherwise my bag sits full for weeks.

    I need to avoid Old Navy or my bank account will kill me!!

  4. Old Navy's fall clothes are so on point this year!


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