August 10, 2015

A Perfect Weekend

Oh what a wonderful weekend we had. It's amazing how a good weekend can help make Monday mornings a little more pleasant. We spent Friday night eating our favorite take out - Falafel wraps - and watching Entourage. We snuck out for a glass of wine with some friends on the pier and we were asleep by 11 PM. 

Saturday morning, we were in the city by 9:30 to stroll. We took advantage of Summer Streets where they shut down car traffic on Park and you can walk/bike down the street. We walked through Farmer's markets for breakfast snacks in Union Square. We walked to the Manhattan bridge and across it. We had lunch in Dumbo and enjoyed the riverfront festivities. 

We finished off our Saturday reading on the pier and watching the sunset. We had walked over 10 miles so we were happy to go to sleep early.

Sunday morning, we finally got to take advantage of the free yoga class for our apartments on the pier. It was the first time I took a yoga class with a teacher (I've always done it on my own.) It was amazing and I can't wait for next Sunday. We had big plans of hiking, but decided that Caddyshack and apartment cleaning sounded more appealing. We finished off our Sunday with dinner out and then neighbor time on the pier.

Taking advantage of our outdoor spaces at the apartment has become a huge priority to us. We've met some awesome people, seen the most beautiful sunsets and enjoyed the best weather we've had all summer.

Summer is usually a time jam packed with trips, showers, weddings, work and craziness. It's so nice having a weekend to just hang. That is a perfect weekend.

I hope your weekend was filled with naps, strolls and sunsets.


  1. My weekend was filled with exactly that!! Lots of napping, long walks/playing in the backyard with the dog, and amazing sunset at the baseball game!!

    Sounds like a perfect weekend for you:)

  2. I love all of these photos Steph!

    What a wonderful weekend weather-wise to be out and about.

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Summer is filled with so many plans it is hard just to have a spare weekend with no plans on the agenda and to be able to do what you want.
    My weekend was filled with a nap or two, a movie, alcohol and food aplenty! The perfect weekend if you ask me:)

  4. Great photos- for real. I love seeing new places/areas through your blog :) My weekend was a blast but not relaxing at all haha- I need a Monday nap right now!

  5. These pictures make me melt. A visit to NYC is a must for next summer. I need at least one of those types of weekends a month to stay sane. Summer is too full of fun. Doesn't sound like something I should complain about...

  6. You have a great eye. Nice photos of things around the city. We did have a great weather weekend. Boozy brunch out at a sidewalk cafe then a nice dinner aslos al fresco. Great way to spend a Sunday in NYC!

  7. I've never been to NYC (yet) but two of my must photographs where the glass house and the bridge in between the buildings. I just love them! It sounds like you had a pretty chill but good weekend - those are the best.


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