July 23, 2015

It's Only Thursday

It's Thursday and I thought it was Friday (but so did Erin so I'm not alone.) Here is a dose of my random thoughts.

I have serious guilt because I wasted an entire pineapple. I let it go bad on my counter without taking one bite. I love pineapple. What a tragedy.

I'm pumped to have a family weekend in Minnesota. I am throwing my soon-to-be sister-in-law a wedding shower and get to see lots of family. Plus, I have a special breakfast date with three of our nieces on Sunday. I can't wait.

I'm a little sad that I don't get any friend time this weekend, but we will be back in August for a longer time and will be able to hang with our people then.

We went on a bit of a concert ticket buying spree. We haven't seen any live shows in a while and there are some amazing shows in the city the next few months for really good prices. Plus, I'm checking a band off my music bucket list (which I'm going to share next month.)

I am so excited for the new Vacation movie. Leslie Mann is my favorite and I love so much that she is going to be Audrey. Chevy Chase is an important figure in this household.

We bought a bright orange piece of furniture and I'm obsessed with it. I love it so much that I'm going to do another post showing you snapshots of home like this one from a few months ago.

I'm working on a little blog redesign that I will have ready for the first day of August. I love figuring out how to do new things by myself, but I forget how much time this can take.

There will be a mimosa bar this weekend that I am setting up. It's been a long time dream of mine and I'm so excited that it will finally come true. I better end with that.

Cheers friends!


  1. So many thoughts - I also thought it was Friday, but that's because I have tomorrow off. So, I guess it kind of is my Friday? Not rubbing it in, I promise. ;) I wasted two avocados this week and felt sick to my stomach about it. I also weirdly love the idea of mimosa bars and I'm secretly praying that my maid of honor is doing one for my bridal shower next month. Fingers crossed. Which concerts are you seeing? I'm pretty obsessed with live music experiences, so I'm looking forward to seeing your music bucket list. I might just have to make one of my own and credit you with the idea! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ugh I hate wasting food and I always feel so guilty too! I want to go to a concert so badly, I haven't been to one in forever but my hubby hates crowds and I don't want to go alone!

  3. Fun weekend ahead! I love throwing a party.

    Most of my coworkers thought today was Friday too. You and Erin are not alone.

    I'm big into furniture colors other than tan and gray. I have a purple chair and blue couches in the living room.

  4. I'm the worst about waisting good produce and it makes me sad :(

    I'm so looking forward to the new vacation movie, too. I love all of the ones form our childhood! I literally clapped like a fool when I saw Chevy Chase is in this one, too. Of course he has to be is what I told my mom! LOL.

    Blog re-design is so much fun. I just did mine, i'm still learning and tweaking some thing but I love it.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

  5. At least we thought it together ;) I hate when I waste produce-- it happens every now and again and it's just a sad moment! Also, I cannot wait to see the new vacation movie!! If you want any tips or help re: your blog design feel free to ask :)

  6. Can't wait to see this orange furniture! Great color. Also, Leslie Mann is super funny. I'm looking forward to seeing Vacation as well.

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