July 31, 2015

Blogust is Coming

Yep, I'm calling it Blogust and I think it's super clever. I'm not doing a full month of blogging topics or anything that exciting. Instead, I'm going to insert some love & work here. Get it? Insert it here? That kind of sounds dirty. I'm also on my 3rd cup of coffee today and work is crazy.

ANYWAYS, I wanted to just give everyone an update that things might seem a little weird if you visit this weekend. I'm going to be updating my different pages, fixing some pictures, changing up the design and working on consistency. I have a link up mid month that I want everyone to participate in (more to come on that soon.) I also want to help promote some other bloggers and grow this little world in some new ways.

Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for reading the things I put out there. Happy freaking Friday!

Tell me - what are you favorite things to read about on blogs? I'm soooo curious. 


  1. That did sound dirty ;) But I liked it! Excited to see what this awesome blog does in Blogust!!! My favorite blogs are generally the ones that have a good mix of things on them. They talk about their lives/happenings in interesting ways, but they also share a good recipe or 'life hack' when they find it.

  2. Excited to see what you have planned! I mostly just like reading about people's lives (I know, I sound like a creeper, lol), what's going on with them and what they like. Plus it's cool to find out about awesome products they use and love.

  3. Nothing more sexy than a dirty girl! ;-)

    Have fun with the Blogust project.

  4. Blogust. I like it.

    I will read almost anything as long as I feel like the person writing it is real. I like day to day life stuff. What you read, what you watch, what you like to wear and use product-wise, what you're making in the kitchen, etc.

    Wait, I don't read things that start with "sorry I didn't blog yesterday" or that tell me how to monetize my blog.

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Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.