July 20, 2015

A Weekend of Dates

The title might seem a little weird, but don't worry - every date was with my husband. It's Sunday afternoon and my husband is currently fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and I just finished a cleaning/dancing marathon in the apartment.

I started thinking about the last 48 hours and how grateful I was. I went on a few dates with my husband this weekend and each one was different and completely perfect. Also, I should mention that we didn't really view them as dates before or during - that is just something I'm titling them now.

Friday night = Listening to records, FaceTime with some friends/family and enjoying root beer floats (made with Not Your Father's Root Beer)

Rainy Saturday morning = Cinnamon rolls, coffee and Jurassic Park (the original)

Saturday afternoon = Wandering through the little shops in downtown Nyack and a good Mexican brunch complete with breakfast margaritas

Saturday evening = Movie night on the couch with the pups after a good workout.

Then we have today - a day all by myself to clean, read and watch Grace & Frankie and hide from the sweltering heat.

This was a wonderful weekend with no milestone moments or bucket list items. Just a weekend with the two of us doing normal things.

When you have a crazy schedule, you begin to appreciate these weekends. I wish someone would've told me to appreciate them more before things got crazy - I might not have listened, but you never know.  So that's my lesson for you. Make every outing a date and appreciate the quiet "normal" times.  You won't get as many as you might think.


  1. I was thinking about this on Friday - we went out to dinner and for ice cream Thursday night...nothing planned, just what we ended up doing. And I never think of those things as dates, just as what we do. But I guess they are.

    Solid normal weekend for you guys - I also appreciate it when it happens, as it's definitely not the norm.

  2. Love this, we do things like this every weekend and I never think of them as dates, but they totally are! We love just spending time together, it doesn't have to be a big production or anything fancy!

  3. Funny, I was with a friend and we were driving past Nyack and she mentioned it was a cute little town with great shops and restaurants- I'll definitely have to check it out! And I agree- it's important to appreciate the little moments together as much as the big ones!


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