June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know...

You probably don't know where I've been for the last week... or what I've been up to recently. Helene's link up came at a perfect time so I can fill you in on some things that you probably don't know.

You probably don't know that I'm heading to Chicago today. I should be there now but my flight was cancelled and I didn't see that email until I had showered and gotten ready at 4 AM. At least I hadn't left for the airport yet. I was able to sneak in two more hours of zzzzz's.

You probably don't know that we haven't had a weekend in town without guests since April. It's so awesome to have people visiting, but I'm kind of looking forward to this weekend with nothing to do. Let's just hope that my flight makes it back tomorrow evening.

You probably don't know that we recently purged our wardrobes again and got rid of things that we haven't worn and things that no longer fit. Now I feel like I could really use some new work clothes.

You probably don't know that I've recently fallen in love with the NY Mets and decided that in a perfect world, the Mets & the MN Twins would meet in the World Series this year. More on that later.

You probably don't know that I get insanely excited to find out what colors the Empire State Building are going to be each night and the reasons behind it. My favorite is when they add a little green or purple.

You probably don't know that I've been in a crappy mood lately and have not shown up on the blog because I have needed my evening down time to just sit and do nothing. That's what happens when work is super busy and there is a lots of stuff going on behind the scenes in our lives. I'll bounce back.

Now go link up with Helene because she's the best.

Helene in Between


  1. I like this link up. I should get on that. I like seeing the ESB in different colors too.

  2. Having weekend plans is fun but I love having a weekend with nothing on the schedule every so often.

  3. I just fell in love with you saying that you want the Mets to go to the World Series. Seriously. I would love that so much . I was born in 1987 and missed the last Mets World Series win. 2000 was a sad year for me. Here's to 2015!

  4. I didn't know the esb had different colors every night.. I thought it was only on special occasions (and I think this is because the night we were there it was white)..

  5. ohhh no! I am so sorry! at least you were able to go back to bed! also can you help me purge my wardrobe?

  6. I turn inward when I'm in a mood too. I feel you.

    We're on a purging high right now. MFD got rid of four bags and I filled most of one.

  7. I so understand not being in the mood to blog! I've had a lot of things going on lately too that just make me want to unplug and step away from everything for awhile. I need a vacation!

  8. I think a break is necessary every once in a while. Btw, did my wardrobe purging last week, shopping here I come! :)

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

  9. I need to purge my wardrobe - like yesterday lol

  10. Flight delays and cancellations are the worst! I'm glad you were able to get some extra sleep though! I need to do a closet purge so badly but keep putting it off. Enjoy your lazy weekend, those are the best!

  11. Come back whenever you're in the mood too! :) I can imagine house guests (as awesome as they are!) take up a lot of time. Anytime we have people visit I feel drained- and we don't have people visit that awesome! Cincy has a building downtown that always changes colors/lights and I love it!


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