June 26, 2015

Thank You Notes Vol. 9

Thank you S'Mores Oreos for coming in a smaller package than regular Oreos. Seriously, we eat them until they are gone. We've tried hiding them in the cabinets, but there's still one person that knows where they are. I was skeptical at first because I don't really love regular Oreo's, but these are different. I'm glad they are seasonal.

Thank you Old Navy for creating shorts that don't show my ass plus they are super cute and don't look like they are made for grannies. I bought myself three pairs because they were also dirt cheap.

Thank you Barkbox for making me feel like the best dog mom in the world. New toys and treats each month that the pups go bananas over. If you haven't tried it, click here and spoil those pups.

Thank you Lola for having the most adorable tiny white eyelashes. I posted this picture last night, but I had to share it again because I finally captured them. Seriously? How cute are those tiny little hairs?

Thank you Chris Pratt for being alive. I've loved you since your first appearance on Parks & Rec and now I've watched you be a badass in Jurassic World. I didn't think it was possible to love dinosaurs like a 3 year old boy, but you convinced me.

Thank you Grandma Elly who sends me mail as often as she can and it always makes my day. This recent card was actually her way of RSVPing to the wedding shower I'm throwing for my soon to be sister in law in a month. She could've called, but she sent me a Thinking of You card instead.

Thank you 2016 Presidential Race for being the newest and most entertaining reality television show. Just watching how politics work in this country and the people who jump into the ring, it's all a bit entertaining to me at this point in the campaign. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in a few months.

And like always, thank you Jimmy Fallon for being my hero. Happy Friday!


  1. AHHH doggy eyelashes, so cute!! OMG those S'mores Oreos look so dangerous! I want to buy them but I'm afraid to, I don't know if Adam would help me eat them because he is VERY particular about his Oreos. He only likes the original. He won't even eat Double Stuf! He's so weird. :D

  2. I have yet to try those s'mores Oreos, but I have a bad feeling that I'll get around to it sooner rather than later. Wasn't Jurassic World awesome? Seriously, I think I might see it again...because apparently I am a 3-year-old boy.

  3. Your pup is cute! Hi, Lola!! I haven't tried the S'mores Oreo's yet, but they look really, REALLY good! They had caramel apple ones around Halloween time and I wasn't that impressed. I love Old Navy! I can always spend a pretty penny in there! :)

  4. I have realllly been wanting to try those oreos and almost picked up a package last night and for SOME RAESON I didn't... Probably because I knew they'd be gone before I got home ;) That picture of your pup's eyelashe is SO stunning- nice work friend! And HECK YES Jurassic World and Chris Pratt.

  5. I'm a huge Chris Pratt fan.

    Wah this makes me miss my dogs.

    Which shorts from Old Navy? I am sick of either the grandma or hoochie shorts with no in between.


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