June 10, 2015

Southwest Coast of Iceland: 4 Places You Must Stop


The first part of our second day in Iceland was spent driving the Golden Circle - you can read about it here. I thought there was no way that could be topped. I was wrong. We got back to the Ring Road to head towards Vik and things just kept getting better. The south coast of Iceland is super easy to travel if you have some time.

I'm going to share just a few photos along with the 4 places that you must stop while making this drive.

Seljalandsfoss - This is a beautiful and extremely tall waterfall that you can hike all the way around. You can see it beauty right from Highway 1, but you should definitely stop the car and get out and check it out. There is another waterfall that is equally as cool just a little further in from the road as well, so there is lots to see and discover.




The Hidden Pool - Seljavallalaug - The water trickles down from the volcano and fills up this concrete pool. It's not easy to find and you have to hike a little ways to get to it, but that's why it's so awesome. We didn't swim, but the hike itself was incredible and we spent lots of time just taking in the scenery.

Skogarfoss - Another waterfall, but this one is totally different. There is a giant set of stairs that allows you to climb to the top if you want a bird's eye view and there are a few really cool ledges along the way. My favorite part was the face of the old man that watches over the waterfall. Once we got to the bottom, we enjoyed a double rainbow. I'm telling you - Iceland will make everyone believe in magic.



Reynisfjara Beach - Black sand, waves crashing and signs of trolls everywhere. You've got the incredible sea stacks which legend says are trolls that got caught in the sunlight. There is a little red house with a path that leads to a cave - find it. I was terrified to climb into it, but the view from up there was awesome.

Those are my top four that I recommend. Obviously, there are many other places that are incredible. We easily did these in the afternoon and still had time for an epic dinner in Vik. More on that to come soon.

Which waterfall intrigues you more? Do you believe in trolls?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the south coast it is full of so much beauty!

  2. All of these photos are so pretty! I like the story with the troll and then the secret path to the cave. So neat!

  3. I love the man watching over the mountain.

    I think it's so cool how it looks like a lot of the time you guys are all alone in Iceland.

  4. Skogarfoss looks absolutely gorgeous! Would the hikes be strenuous for non-hikers?

  5. SO many gorgeous photos. The wide open spaces seriously just take my breath away!!

  6. ahhh what gorgeous pictures!!! i would love to go one day.

  7. I literally couldn't pick which one to visit first...SO freaking gorgeous!!!

  8. Amazing countryside. I am so jealous. I need to hit these spots on vacation.


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