June 9, 2015

On the Bookshelf Vol. 2

Another few months have gone by and I'm still kicking ass on my reading goal for the year. I'm going to give you my quick thoughts on this round of books.

Here are three that were okay:

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress was a collection of stories written by a woman that is having a mid-life crisis of sorts. It was interesting to learn a little bit about the Mennonite community, but I think I was looking for more of a fluid story.

When We Were the Kennedys was a story about a family in Maine that dealt with losing their father. I finished it, but I really wasn't too impressed. I had heard great things, but I just really wasn't a big fan.

Happier at Home is a follow up to The Happiness Project. It's essentially the same book. I love reading people's lists and celebrating as they accomplish goals. I think that's weird, but it's my own truth. If you loved The Happiness Project, you might find this entertaining.

Next up is a few books that I really liked and would recommend:

Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me made me laugh out loud over and over again. The writer takes a few different celebrities and dissects different parts of their routine and attempts to copy it. I loved it. I got her other book from the library and it's the next one on my list.

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography was another book that made me laugh out loud the whole time. I've always been a big NPH fan, but this book made that love grow huge. I learned a bunch about him that I didn't know before and loved hearing about his relationships with his castmates on How I Met Your Mother. Plus, it's a choose your own adventure - how cool is that?

Shotgun Lovesongs is a good Midwest tale of love, friendship and growing up. It is a wonderful story and I felt the I grew up with the characters. Thank you Steph for recommending this book.

And finally, my two favorites:

I feel like I don't even have the right words to describe either book. These stories made me cry and made me think and inspired me. If you don't know Alan Cumming, you are missing out. Read these books. That's all.

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What are you reading? Go link up with Steph & Jana. I can't wait to add a ton to my library wish list. Come back tomorrow for my next Iceland recap.


  1. I could only imagine how funny Neil Patrick Harris book was I love him!

  2. So glad you liked Shotgun Lovesongs. I adore it and had to buy it so I could own it.

    We Were the Kennedys is such a promising title. Sorry the book did not deliver.

    I like Alan Cumming a lot. I don't normally read those types of books but may make an exception.

  3. I quit on Mennonite in a Little Black Dress when I tried to read it a few years ago. Bored me to tears.

    I liked The Happiness Project more than Happier at Home but both were good. I'm looking forward to reading her new one. Shotgun Lovesongs is on my list as well. I should probably add I Am Malala. It's just one of those books I should read.

  4. I would really love to read the NPH book. I think he's hilarious! I will have to check out Shotgun Lovesongs, that sounds like one that I would really like.

  5. I've been on the waiting list for I Am Malala for so long. I want to read it already! I have Alan Cummings book on hold too. I also loved NPH's book. I'm adding Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me and Shotgun Lovesongs right now! Great recommendations!

    I will also be back tomorrow for your Iceland recap. I want to go so bad!!! :)

  6. Ooo I want to read NPH's book for sure!

  7. I love a good memoir. Not My Father's Son has been added for future reading. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me sounds really funny, so I am adding it to my list. I am not a big memoir fan but I do like Alan Cumming, maybe an Audiobook version.

  9. Happier at Home and Jennifer/Gwenyth & Me sound good! Thanks for recommending the 2 memoirs. I am Malala is already on my list but I'll add Alan Cumming's too.

  10. I had no idea NPH even had a book. Must read! Thanks for the suggestion. Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me sounds funny. I'll have to look for that one.

  11. I have Malala's book but haven't read it. I will check out Alan Cumming's book. I do enjoy celeb biographies.


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