May 8, 2015

Things to Browse

TGIF. But not really, because today is the day we are heading back to the fine country of the USA. I'm probably in vacation is over depression mode.

Since sometimes Friday afternoons are hard to get through, I wanted to share a few things to keep you busy.

Buzzfeed Quizzes I've taken recently:
Guess the cities based on Emojis - 100% #likeaboss
Which Taylor Swift Soundtrack Song are you? - I got Today Was a Fairytale
Which "Back to the Future" Era Do You Belong In? - 1985, best year ever

Anyone who works from home knows that there are days you rock yoga pants all day. This Refinery29 article grabbed my attention because it claims that wearing yoga pants can make you more successful. #likeaboss

Yoga still has some negative connotations floating around. I loved this post from Kristen that talks about how she started practicing Yoga and what she's learned. And I think everyone should try the Erin Motz 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

When one vacation is over, it's time to start planning another. I can't stop looking at these 30 Natural Wonders in the USA. Have you been to any?

I've never really gotten behind "generation" labels until reading this article. I didn't feel like part of any of the predefined generations I learned about in my sociology classes, but the Oregon Trail description seems fitting. What about you?

This lady's blog is one of my favorites and this post definitely caught my attention. She asked the question, how interesting is your blog? Go check it out.

And these past posts of mine:
Gazing into the Crystal Ball where I shared my predictions for 2015. I think I nailed it so far.
Why I'm a Rangers Fan because I'm from Minnesota and people think it's weird.
My Blogging Wishlist which is still 100% true for me.

After you've caught up on some reading, you should watch the Bruce Jenner interview. It's streaming on Hulu. Then you should go outside and enjoy this weekend!


  1. Sorry your glorious vacation has come to an end!

    I told Kristin you directed me to Erin Motz and I have yet to do it.

  2. I support any research that says yoga pants make you more successful....

  3. Well because I am actually reading this on Friday afternoon, I took the quizzes too.

    11/13 on the emojis - stupid Austin, TX and Philly.
    "Today was a Fairytale" - TWINSIES
    1985 - TWINS AGAIN, and totally the best year ever ;)

    I hope you guys have a safe trip back! I cannot wait to read allllllllllllll about it!!

  4. Awe so sad your vacation is ending already!!!

    I got "Eyes Ope" as my Taylor Swift song and I am totally rocking 1985 with you! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. By the looks of you Iceland IG pics, no doubt you and Justin had an amazing time. I was just looking over the 30 US Natural Wonders article, and I was thrilled to see I've been to one of them! Redwoods in CA!

  6. Coming back from vacation is always painful. I did check out your fav blog. Good stuff.


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