May 11, 2015

My Favorite Places

I'm back on US soil and ready to continue on with my favorites. Today is a list of my 30 favorite places. I'm sure I left a few off, but this list was my favorite so far to come up with. It makes me super excited to get back to some of these places this summer.

1. Our couch.
2. My parent's backyard. My dad has the most beautiful garden and it's where we actually got married. It will always be a special place.

3. Lake Tahoe.
4. Epcot at Disneyworld. I loved most of Disney, but Epcot was my favorite.
5. The Ramble in Central Park.
6. The Amusement Park in Okoboji, IA.

7. Our pier on the Hudson. It burned down last year, but it's back now and just in time for summer.
8. St. Paul Farmer's Market (especially when it's accompanied by a bloody mary at the Lowertown Bulldog).
9. The Top of the Rock. Best view of NYC. You can see the Empire and the Freedom Tower because you're not on top of them, plus the view of the park is just the best.


10. Target - any aisle, any store.
11. Grand Marais, MN. It's a cute town just an hour south of the Canadian border right on Lake Superior. It is absolutely beautiful year round.
12. The coffee corner of our kitchen. It makes things happen every morning.
13. Fenway Park in Boston.


14. Any place that serves french toast and mimosas.
15. The North Fork of Long Island. So much wine.
16. Tiny's & the Bar Upstairs in Tribeca.
17. Any cabin on any lake. We are lucky enough to have friends with cabins and anytime we get to tag along, it's always a blast.


18. Lover's Key State Park in Southern FL.
19. The White Mountains in New Hampshire.
20. Street festivals and carnivals.
21. Chelsea Market.
22. The MN State Fair.
23. Lone Mountain in Montana.

24. Our tiny town library.
25. Christmas Markets in NYC.
26. Pizza Restaurants. I love the smell and the variety in styles and tastes. Every pizza is just a little bit different, but I love almost all of them.
27. Northeast Minneapolis.
28. Wall Drug, SD. It's the first trip with my grandparents that I really remember and when we stopped at Wall Drug, we took so many funny pictures and laughed so hard. Justin and I went back there on our trip to South Dakota a few years ago and had a similar experience. It's definitely a one of a kind place.

29. Our college apartment in Duluth. I loved that place and have so many memories there.
30. Iceland - duh. Trust me, there will be more to come.

Now tell me, where are your 3 favorite places? Have you been to any of the ones I listed? Happy Monday!


  1. Love that the White Mountains of NH made your list!

  2. Fenway! That definitely tops my list :) I'd probably add the lake (any lake with a boat is fine by me) and Nashville!

  3. Love this idea, what a fun list! That's so cool that you got married in your parent's backyard!

  4. The couch, Target, Disneyworld: yes, yes, yes. But my favorite at Disney is Hollywood Studios.

  5. So, I should make a kitchsy Wall Drug stop?

  6. I LOVE that Silver Lake made it! :) Labor Day? Make it happen!!
    My 3 favs are: My cabin, New York City (WITH YOU!) and probably my new patio out back -- ps hung out with your dad this morning I think he is impressed with our hard work! LOL

  7. Your parents backyard is SO beautiful and I love that you got married there- so romantic and special :) It's so hard to pick favorite parks/areas of Disney but my heart loves Epcot a whole freakin' lot, too!

  8. Love this list! I want to do one now too! I love your parent's backyard, it looks lovely!

  9. Oh my goodness. I'm astounded by how many of these I've never experienced. Time to make yet another travel bucket list. I'd have to say - my childhood home, Florence (Italy), and Chicago.

  10. Now that is a list of awesome places!!! Your parents backyard is just amazing!!! I really hope to one day be able to achieve beautiful landscaping like that on my own.

  11. Bed, Target, pizza places... I don't know which one of these is better. :)

  12. EPCOT! Oh yes, because, BEER! Drinking around the world!

    Also, it stands for Every Person Carried Out Trashed!

  13. Grand Marais was voted best small town in America just recently. I know this takes away about 100 million Minnesotan points but I still have never been there! My family decided to do a trip up there this summer though so I'm excited to see it. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.


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