May 1, 2015


Happy May Day! Today signifies so many happy things. We are leaving for the land of fire and ice, it's the first day of birthday month and it's Friday.

I am currently...

Excited for Iceland. Duh. This trip has been my dream for quite a few years. The first time we had it planned, we found out we were moving. The second time, we had some big repairs for our house in St. Paul. Third time is a charm. We will be swimming in geothermal pools, hiking up glaciers and driving the Ring Road. Sorry in advance for one million pictures.

Eating Acai Bowls. They are super easy to make at home and you can change them up daily. I must use all the fruit in my fridge before we leave, so I'm eating mounds of berries. Also, Avocado hummus.

Watching Hart of Dixie season 3 on Netflix. I don't know what it is about that show, but I just love it. It's cheesy and corny and fantastic.

Reading my stack of library books. I can't stress enough how much any book lover NEEDS a library card.

Cheering for the Rangers. The Caps got game one, but I will be cheering them on from faraway next week.

Preparing for our vacation eating by committing to hitting our step goal every day in May. 10,000 steps isn't hard if you remind yourself to move often. We will be walking lots in Iceland, hiking in the mountains when we get back and we have guests during birthday time which means lots of sightseeing and strolling through our favorite city. Who is with me? 10,000 steps every day in May. The weather is beautiful and you can do it. Find me on FitBit and I will cheer you on.

Dreaming of our next adventures. It's never too soon to start planning. Maybe South America?

Putting off packing. Instead I sit here watching TV and writing a blog post and drinking a giant cup of coffee. I've got all day. It will be just fine.

Missing my nieces (and the one lone nephew) already. Every time I see them, I realize how quick they are growing up and it makes me miss them more.

What's your dream trip? Tell me all about it.


  1. Ah!! I'm so excited for you guys! I cannot wait to see pictures! I can safely say you're the first person I know to go to Iceland.

    Also, because I have to - GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are going to have so much fun in Iceland I'm so jealous! Also I've been needing to get a library card forever. Maybe I should incorporate that into my weekend.

  3. Iceland day!!!!!

    I don't do fitbit but I'm moving more!

  4. Oh so exciting!! Have the most fabulous time, can't wait to hear about it and see the pics!

  5. Iceland is going to be so cool!!! Can't wait to see the pictures. I can only pack under extreme pressure/time crunch so I always put it off too. It's when i do my best work! Love the library stack. I didn't know Neil Patrick Harris had a book!

  6. I hope you have an amazing time! My dream trip that's not the typical, London, Paris, Italy.... Prague. It looks beautiful and my favorite ossuary is there. I'm with you on 10,000 steps!!!

  7. I hope you have an amazing time in Iceland! From the Insta pictures I've been seeing it certainly looks that way! I just tried avocado hummus for the first time recently and oh my goodness YUM. How did I live so long without figuring out this gem that combines two of my favorite foods?

  8. I want to read the 4-Hour Work-Week! Let me know how it is :)

  9. I hope you're having a BLAST in Iceland! Can't wait to read all about it when you get home! I tried to get a library card in Indy and they won't let me because I haven't changed from an Ohio license yet...and I've been here for over two years. Oops. My dream vacation is a blitz through western Europe - England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy. I've been to a few already, but there are so many places I haven't seen yet! I HIGHLY recommend South America as your next trip. Peru is one of the coolest places I've EVER been.

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