May 29, 2015

Capturing the Little Moments - Spring 2015

This year I promised myself that I would be better at capturing the silly little moments so we've been taking short video clips and then putting them together at the end of each season. Since in Steph world, Summer begins right after my birthday - I figured I could put together our Spring stuff.

Note: There are no Iceland vids because there were too many, so there will be a separate one for that.

2nd note: I doubt anyone was really going to be concerned, except maybe my parents. Hi Mom & Dad!

Please enjoy a little collection of videos that include dogs, baseball, sunshine and flowers. 

I also have a few photos that make me smile when I look back. They probably haven't been shared anywhere before but I love them so on my blog they will appear.

One of the first nights where the spring weather was showing up so we wandered around Manhattan and got excited about longer days and warmer wind.

We don't usually remember to have someone take nice pictures of us when we are all dressed up, but we get pictures like these instead and I love them.

And ridiculous photo ops like this are so much better than boring photos.

I have more dog photos than I can even handle, but they are so damn cute ALL THE TIME.

Date nights with Justin have been more frequent this year and I love it. There is a little BYOB pizza place across the street from us and we love it. They have the best desserts ever.

On the topic of pizza, Benny Tudino's in Hoboken really is the largest slice of pizza ever created and I eat the whole thing every time.

If you missed the winter editions, you can find the video here and the pictures here. Do you have pictures that never make it anywhere? Do you take videos ever? 


  1. I love love love these videos. Favorites: your faces at the pinball machine/baseball game after opening whatever you were opening, the dogs (always), blowing out the candles and THE SKIPPING. Perfect ending.

    Happy Friday!

  2. YES! Love that video! What is that awesome song? Also, the Rolling Stones pinball machine/your reaction to it? Hilarious. More spring videos, pretty please?!

  3. The video is fantastic!!!! I hope you keep posting these. I love your photos - it looks like a GREAT spring. Cheers to a great summer!


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