April 9, 2015

Why Wasn't I a Child Model?

I had a great childhood free of one million digital photos that would haunt me for my life. I feel bad for children now because their whole life is recorded and shared for the world to see. Their first poop in the toilet, their chubby thighs, their butt cheeks. 

My dad loved the camera, but we weren't billionaires so each vacation only included one or two rolls of film. I have a box in our closet with the ones I ended up with and figured that now is the time for my adorable pictures to be splashed all over the internet. 

You will see from the pictures that I was the most photogenic child and was always excited to get my picture taken. I had the best fashion sense and my glasses were always super clean.


I was the kind of kid who had super chubby cheeks and clearly liked to get violent with stuffed animals.

I was the kind of kid who hated being interrupted during my creative time. I started my masterpiece at a young age. Sadly, it still looks like that.

I was the kind of kid who judged my parents' choices in clothing... for me. This sweater is featured in one of our family photos. It's still hanging in my parents' hallway. Everyone laughs at it.

I was the kind of kid who loved my brother unconditionally and taught him how to make annoyed faces really early.

I was the kind of kid who took care of all my important business on my flip phone. Really, it was my dad's car phone, but I thought it looked cool. I wasn't allowed to have a cell phone until I got my driver's license.

I was the kind of kid who pretended to read my brother stories, but really was using him to carry out all my evil plans to take over the world. He really just liked to eat and pick at the bottom of his shoes. 

Yikes, I never realized we had matching bangs. Seriously, this is what all of our pictures together look like. 

I was the kind of the kid who never grew out of her awkward in photos phase. I cringe whenever I walk through my parents' house and see the framed photos reminding me that there really aren't any normal nice pictures.

But really, I blame my dad. He likes the "candid" shots and snaps them when you aren't ready. Yep, I'm sticking with that.

What were you like as a child? Were you photogenic?

The Daily Tay


  1. Ah you were the cutest! I agree, we are lucky we didn't grow up in the digital age, though it's fun to have pics to look back on. I was much cuter as a child than I am now. But in most of my pics I was wearing an eyepatch so I might just feel sorry for little me.

  2. LOLOL @ the last two. You were totally not ready. I wonder what it's like for kids now who have almost no photos to go back to that aren't online somewhere?

  3. Hahaha I like all the annoyed faces :) I have a few of those but for the most part, I was a pretty photogenic child until I got to about 5th grade....I was awkward in 5-7th grade real bad haha. Who wasn't? I liked to annoy my sister by taking inappropriate/candid pictures of her at the worst times. She is not amused when I randomly text her one as an adult. I didn't have a cell phone until I started driving either. That was normal then. Not 5 years old like today....yikes!!!

  4. My parents have practically the exact same pic of me in my cap and gown! "Marla, over here!!!' "Huh??" I was never really photogenic at all as a kid, and since I spent SO much time in the hospital there arent too many pics of me. My awkward phase lasted from about 3rd-11th grade when I finally got my braces off. I love the pic of you look completely annoyed by your brother :-)

  5. my Dad is a photographer so growing up he was always taking candid shots--ugh!

  6. These are fab. Pretty sure no one told you that you weren't a model, because look at that sass.

  7. Hahaha these pictures are gold, you were the cutest!!

  8. LOL at that pic of you and your bro making matching "really?" faces :)


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