April 24, 2015

Thank You Notes Vol. 8 (Plus a $130 Giveaway)

I posted this on Instagram yesterday and it just made me so happy. I'm not a huge fan of overly staged photos and I realize that this looks like one, but it's what was sitting on the corner of my desk yesterday. We are finalizing our Iceland plans for May, starting baseball season and our whole apartment smells like spring with that candle. I turn 30 exactly one month from today and I'm so excited.

Since it's Friday and my mind is bouncing all over the place, I'm going to follow Jimmy Fallon's example and write a few thank you cards.

Thank you Spring for bringing back cold weather and helping me prepare for our upcoming Iceland trip. But really, please be sunny this weekend because I want to play outside all weekend.

Thank you New York sports teams for keeping my life exciting. The Amazing Mets are the greatest team in baseball this year so far and the subway series kicks off this weekend. Also, the Rangers. I just love them so much. And I love playoff season.

Thank you BYOB restaurants. It makes dinner so much cheaper and we can choose whatever wine we want and drink 3 glasses each for the price of one.

Thank you Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki for giving me nonstop Iceland inspiration and for answering some of my ridiculous questions. I may have stalked every single one of your Iceland posts over the last few weeks and I'm not sorry about it.

Thank you Minnesota for saving the snow for after we left town. I don't think I could handle it and if there's anyway I'm ever moving back, that can't happen. Also, I appreciate your bloody mary skills.

Thank you Library card for keeping me stocked with books to read. It's helped keep the TV off and saved my Amazon account a ton of money. How did I not get a card the second I moved out here? I can get all my magazines online through them too. It's just a good business decision. Like 2 for 1 drinks.

Thank you Cherry Blossoms, Brunch, NY Green Expo and Hockey for sponsoring this weekend. Please be sunny and beautiful. I'm begging you.

Now, here is a fantastic giveaway from some awesome ladies and you should enter it.

Need some cash to spruce up your spring wardrobe? How about $130 to Anthropologie!? I've partnered with some fantastic ladies to bring you this giveaway. Enter in the rafflecopter below!

Ashley ~ The Nashvillian // Alanna ~ Alanna & Company // Erica ~ Coming Up Roses
Steph ~ Insert Classy Here // Kaelene ~ Unlocking Kiki // Kerri ~ Cheshire Kat
Brooke ~ Brooke Meagan Jones // Alexandria ~ A Modern Girl's Travels // Helene ~ Helene in Between 


  1. This cold snap is an affront to decency. Really.

    How's the Produce candle?

  2. Oh no, cold weather again?? Hope it goes away soon! Your Iceland trip sounds so exciting!!

  3. This post makes me so happy! I'm a huge Mets fan and all I can say about this is SQUEEEE!

  4. I love the positivity in your post! I am a huge mets fan, too...we have to savor this time! Have a great time in Iceland...I hope to see your beautiful recap!

  5. I love Jimmy's Thank You notes! I'm actually rooting for the Rangers this round. I want to see that pussy Cindy Crosby cry like the bitch he is (sorry, too much???) Hope the weather warms up a little for the weekend!

  6. That Produce candle is my jam right now? Do you get the Pop Sugar Must-Have boxes?!

  7. Love that picture. I can't stage an instagram photo for the life of me, but every now and then the magic sort of just happens! I would love to visit Iceland and Kaelene's blog definitely makes me want to visit even more. And yes to BYOB restaurants. I just found out that my favorite pizza place is doing that now which is basically a dream come true!

  8. Good thing you moved to NYC to have good sports teams to cheer on.

  9. Let's Go Rangers!!! What an awesome series win. Glad "Cindy" Crosby has been knock out of the playoffs.


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