April 27, 2015

My Favorite Things

I turn 30 years old in less than a month. I'm over the moon excited to celebrate birthday month for all of May. To kick it off (even though it isn't quite May yet), I'm sharing a list of 30 of my favorite things. Feel free to send one of everything for my birthday.

1. Brunch. Eggs, french toast, bloody mary's, pancakes, mimosas and fresh fruit.
2. Seasons - all four of them for different reasons.
3. Playoff Hockey. GO RANGERS!
4. Starbucks You Are Here mugs.
5. Clean sheets and new pillows.

6. Candles.
7. Skinny jeans - they are comfortable and I'm so glad they are a thing.
8. My library card.
9. Toms shoes - I have multiple pairs but they are so comfortable.
10. Instagram. It's my favorite social media site because I love looking at pictures.
11. Fruity beer. Watermelon, Grapefruit, Strawberry. I love them all. Also, Wine & Sangria.

12. Celery with Peanut Butter.
13. Musicals - movies & Broadway. Newsies will always be my favorite.
14. Dresses. Maxi dresses, sun dresses, fancy dresses.
15. Memoirs. I love reading real stories of other people.
16. Lush Bath Bombs.

17. Green smoothies. I love spinach mixed with fruit every day.
18. Really soft t-shirts. If they have a clever saying on the front, they are even better.
19. The best blanket in the whole world.
20. Pizza. Every damn kind (unless there's meat.)

21. Method cleaning products and soap. I love the smells of all of them.
22. Bravo.
23. Scarves. I can't have enough of them.
24. Mail. I love sending mail and getting mail. Postcards, letters, packages.
25. Netflix. What an amazing creation. How else could I have seen Gilmore Girls from beginning to end?
26. Cheese on everything. All kinds of cheese. Goat cheese is my current favorite.
27. Sunglasses and sunscreen. I couldn't handle the summer without them.

28. Sweatpants and sweatshirts and all things comfortable.
29. Doughnuts. The plain ones, the sprinkled ones and the fancy ones.
30. Planners and lists. They make me productive and happy.

Oh how I love a list. Tell me a few of your favorite things.


  1. Happy early birthday! All those drinks are making me wish for 5:00 :)

  2. Yay for May birthdays!! The best.

    And now all I want is Sangria. And a bloody mary. And a mimosa. It's that kind of Monday...

  3. I love your list, so many of my favorite things as well!! Especially goat cheese, celery with peanut butter and fruity beers. Happy early birthday!!! You can join me in the 30 and up club!

  4. Happy early birthday! Being 30 is fabulous, hope you enjoy your birthday month! :)

  5. Musicals, memoirs, and everything comfy- yes!! Welcome to the 30 club friend! So far my favorite decade yet!

  6. I love Instagram for the same reason & memoirs are some of my favorites to read too!

  7. Happy almost 30! I've loved my 30's so far- YOU WILL TOO!

  8. What a great freaking list. I need one of those bath book & wine holder things you have! So useful!

  9. I was happy to see brunch was number one. Always a good choice. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Here's to the next decade being even more wonderful!

  10. Birthday month!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready!!

    I love this list and share many of your favorites, including seasons, clean sheets, candles, skinny jeans, comfortable clothes, soft t-shirts with clever sayings, sunglasses and sunscreen, planners, lists, pizza, my library card.

    I'll add: lip gloss, flip flops, coffee mugs (not specific to type), color, days off, travel. I could go on but I won't.


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