April 23, 2015

Hometown Visit - Back to Minnesota

This picture was 100% necessary because I love the Twins and I love America. But anyways, we spent last weekend back in Minnesota for a wedding. The weather was beautiful and we set up our plans to be spaced out and not overwhelming.

We had a weekend full of good food, bloody mary's, sunshine and the Mississippi River. We had wonderful time with friends, some great family time, lots of puppy kisses and some time just the two of us.

This is my puppy niece, Molly. She is such a rockstar that she has her own Instagram account - follow her here.

Obviously, you must pose with any farm animals you find.

Lunch with dad. I got my first hint of a sunburn sitting on the patio at Sweeney's. Spring has arrived!

Friends night on the patio complete with a selfie stick photo and more sunshine.

Bloody Mary's are so much better in the Midwest than ANYWHERE ELSE.

The wedding was amazing and we got some time in with the girls, plus a stop to see Sawyer before the big event.

We partied like rockstars and made it until 1 AM. My dancing shoes were definitely on, but no one can top my niece's dance moves.

Sunday AM, we went for more bloodies and then with a few hours to kill, we bought $10 tickets to the Twins game.

We finished our trip with a quick drink with Emma for her 30th birthday and then back to the airport to head home. As soon as we got to our gate, the beautiful weather outside was gone and the rain started to fall. I was so glad we got so much sunshine and beautiful weather for our few days home.

It was our best trip home ever. We got to do all the things we wanted to do. We didn't get to see everyone we wanted, but we got in some good family time.

Congrats if you made it to the bottom of this photo dump. Minnesota - we'll be back again soon.


  1. I'm glad the weekend went so well! It's hard to feel like you've done most of what you set out to do. It looks like you did that and then some!

  2. Yay, I'm glad you had fun going back home! Isn't spring baseball a blast? :)

  3. Ah looks like you had a blast! And your puppy niece is adorbs.

  4. MINNESOTA! <3 You picked the perfect weekend to be home. It was gorgeous. This week now has been cold, dreary, and even a bit of snow. Oh Sweeneys! That is one of my favorite bars. I lived about a block from there my first year post-grad. Glad you got your Bloody Mary fixed. I'm surprised you didn't try the mammoth one at Target Field.

  5. I really want to check out the Twins new ballpark. I was at the old one many years ago. Great town.

  6. Killin' time with a baseball game. My kinda girl.


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