April 8, 2015

Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Sometimes you are just off. You feel yourself overwhelmed and stressed out. I'm no stranger to these days, but I hate being in a funk for too long. A while back, I made a list with doodles of things that make me feel better when I'm feeling crappy. After using each and every one of them last weekend, I figured I'd share them here in case you are having one of those moments or days.

1. Call your mom or dad or sister. I guess a brother works too, but mine is not a great listener most days. Sometimes a direct line to someone that supports and loves you so unconditionally helps get you back on track.

2. Clean. Get rid of some shit. Sometimes the physical act of tossing stuff out can help you let some built up emotional stuff go too.

3. Communicate. If you are married or living with someone, it helps to just tell them that you are off. Sometimes I need help to distract myself from whatever is getting me down or I need to talk it out, but it's always good to give my husband a heads up that I'm feeling anxious or sad or just a little weird.

4. Get up and move around. Run, climb some stairs, punch the air. Get your heart beating fast and get those endorphins moving. I have an entire Pinterest board of easy at-home workouts I can do without any equipment. I also love YouTube.

5. Have your own dance party. Turn up your favorite cheesy music and have a moment or 20. Singing into a hairbrush or kitchen utensil = bonus points.

6. Breath. Download headspace and practice meditation. Put on your favorite yoga video. Take 25 deep breaths. I always laughed when this was suggested before, but once I feel my heart start racing, I can help calm myself down with some deep breaths.

7. Plan a vacation. Unless you are stressed about money, then just browse, but don't purchase. I don't know about you, but I love reading about other people's adventures and making my wish list.

If none of those things work, then revert to my usual rainy day plan.

8. Lounge. Put on your favorite sweats - we all have them. Pile up all your pillows and get comfy. Put on your favorite TV show, movie, latest Netflix addiction and just veg. Turn your brain off and relax. I won't judge you if you also order enough Chinese food to feed 4 people. I've done it and eaten all 4 fortune cookies.

I will tell you that my shitty mood was gone by Saturday afternoon. I had caught up with my parents and my future sister-in-law. I cleaned out my fridge, my junk drawer, vacuumed, scrubbed my tub & toilet and gathered some shoes/coats for the donation pile. There was a sweaty yoga session, some Iceland planning and some Real Housewives. My day ended with a wonderful dinner out with my husband. Usually one of the above works, but sometimes you need them all.

On Sunday, I was practically skipping through the New York Botanical Garden. Never underestimate yourself when it comes to changing your mood. Hope you don't find yourself in a funk anytime soon.

What am I missing? How do you deal with crap days?


  1. Most of those things (aside from dance party, I'm not a dancer) plus
    1 - paint nails
    2 - Lose myself in a good book
    3 - go out and get a coffee
    4 - take a long walk in which I'm looking for things to photograph - the physical activity combined by the purpose really gets me out of my own head

  2. These are excellent suggestions, particularly the Chinese food. ;) I often go for a walk when I'm in a bad mood...just to clear my mind and get my body off the couch. I find that when I sit on the couch and sulk for too long, it makes me feel worse.

  3. Cleaning and music are at the top of my "instant mood boosters" list. Depending on what kind of down mood I'm in, writing also helps. My favorite is your last one :)

  4. I love all of these! Another one of mine is to take a nice long shower, wash my hair, shave everything, brush my teeth, put clean sheets on the bed, and then snuggle in. Always a winner in my book (especially since I'm a new mom and my personal hygiene is questionable these days).

  5. These are definitely things I do to get out of a shitty mood.
    I really like to take a long drive, which I know sucks since gas is expensive. But the driving itself gives me something to concentrate on, and I blast music and open the windows weather permitting. It helps clear my head.


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