March 18, 2015

Winter Isn't So Bad

So many mornings in March, I wake up and hope that it is 60 degrees outside. I know I'm not alone. Last year, it rarely fell below 20 degrees and we were in love with the whole coastal winter thing. This year laughed in our faces with frigid wind and single digit temps for days. Instead of continuing the bitch session, I found some pictures of my favorite moments this winter. 

Dog park play time. We bought Lola a jacket from the dollar section. She hates it and requires that we pick her up the second she is done going to the bathroom, but it's still awesome.

Being members at the New York Botanical Garden. We had an escape with tropical temperatures that is only 20 minutes from our apartment. We also experienced our first Train Show and loved it. That is a MUST DO for the holidays in NYC.

Those days when the temperature was closer to 30 and you could be outside. We took full advantage of those days.

Like the morning we were running errands and the snow starting falling so we detoured into Central Park and walked the quiet paths of the ramble.

Building forts in our apartment when the weather was freezing and we couldn't stand to leave our house or change out of our pajamas.

Our annual trip to the mountains. Lake Placid was a dream and even though I was sick half the weekend, I had a blast and wish we could do it monthly in the winter.

And that fireplace... they just make winter seem cozy and comfortable.

So many brunches at new places. We had zero disappointments and will be returning to all our new favorites this spring to check out their outdoor options (which in the city usually means they open their windows.)

Museum days to wander inside and learn stuff. A highlight was our trip to the Queens Museum to see the New York City Panorama. It was so cool to get that perspective. I'm a lover of maps and directions and being able to see it all laid out was so cool.

Winter sunrises. The colors are just so much better and they almost make you forget how cold your face is and how little sunlight you get in the dead of winter.

New Year celebrations. This year we rang in the new year with friends in Hoboken. We also got to experience our first Chinese New Year celebration. I love a good glitter bomb as much as any fun person, so obviously I had a blast.

See? Winter wasn't all that bad. It's good to remind myself of that. Come November, I'll be so excited for snow again. What was your favorite winter moment this year? Tell me or share some pictures yourself. 


  1. I love all the seasons, there's good to be had everywhere. I just reach a certain point in extreme weather where I am over it. I'm at that point. LOL. I wonder if there will be a spring this year?

  2. Way to look on the bright side! :) Those are some great memories!

  3. 10 cool points to you for celebrating your winter adventures instead of bitching! So refreshing. And I looooooove Lake Placid, so jealous!

  4. As always, this post just became the top list of reasons why I need to visit NYC again. This obviously shows my immaturity, but I couldn't get over the fact that the Chinese New Year picture says "analberry" when I know it actually said "Canalberry." P.S. I'm giggling at work right now.

  5. These are all wonderful winter adventures! I love your Central Park in the snow photo is beautiful!
    Cheers to spring coming soon

  6. The Botanical Gardens in DC has a train show too! I went for the first time this year and it was awesome!

  7. That little coat is adorable! I love that you took winter on with positivity and found the silver lining (even if it was trying out more stuff inside) and that made it worth it. I feel like so many of us (I too have been guilty) have winter start and just kind of check out from living and experiencing and enjoying life for those few months to the fullest.


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