March 20, 2015

Internet Favorites

I hope that someone is getting Spring weather today. I'm getting clouds and a snowstorm. I'm going to reminisce about OrlandoLake Tahoe, NY/NJ BeachesFort Myers or San Francisco... or even just the sunny days that I can sit on the pier.

Since I think I'm the one that jinxed myself by posting my favorite winter memories this week, I'm going to skip writing a post today and share with you some of my other favorite things around the internet this week.

Happy Weekend!

NYC has number of people on the streets asking for money and this article, from Everyday Feminism, was a great reminder of what you should do when you encounter one of them. Kindness and compassion are always an option.

I have found myself getting lost on Gone with the Wynns the last few nights and reading about their adventures.

Wine in a can is going to become more of a thing, according to this article from Wine Awesomeness. I love things in the can, so I'm a big fan. See? I even wrote a poem about it.

Are you a multitasking wizard?  Probably not. This post from the Greatist explains why you should stop multitasking and be more awesome at things.

Houzz shared this list of 12 fresh updates to get ready for Spring and it helped inspire me to get a new desk and maybe add a little color to our apartment.

I'm on a countdown now to our Iceland trip. My favorite thing to do is read through Unlocking Kiki for her Iceland tips, pictures and ideas. She posted about the 5 Tours You Won't Want to Miss and I immediately looked each one up online.

I know that everyone loves the Google doodles, but I found this list of 17 things you can do on Google and have been making my screen barrel roll for the last ten minutes. Enjoy.

World Water Day is this weekend, so don't take a shower Sunday and be aware of how much water you're using in your daily routine. You can read more about it on the UN Website.

Last, but not least, it's time for you to answer the question: do you prefer cheese or chocolate?

Happy shower free weekend everyone!


  1. Cheese, please.

    I didn't know it was world water day. Good to know!

    I am miserable over this stupid weather.

  2. Cheese, always. Also, how have I not heard about wine in a can?!

  3. Cheese for sure- not even a close call on that one ;) I'm so excited for your Iceland trip!!!

  4. Checkign out the Everyday Feminism article right now :) Try to survive the weather with some tumblr beach pictures! / creative + lifestyle blog

  5. It's the Midwest girl in me but cheese definitely. Not even a tough decision. In every form too.

  6. Goodness, I can't wait to read about your Icelandic adventures. It's still pretty cold and grey here, but I'm trying to force spring by wearing a t-shirt. We'll see if that works...haha!


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