March 31, 2015

Clean Eating - #4weeksfit

We spent the first 21 days of March cleansing. We used the ideas from the book Crazy, Sexy Diet. I would not recommend making your husband do this in the future, because it's definitely geared for a female, but we made a few changes and it worked out just fine.

Our Cleanse Rules
1. No alcohol, no gluten, no animal products, no coffee and no processed sugar.
2. Meditate daily.
3. Dry Brush daily.
4. Hit our step goal or do 30 minutes of exercise daily.
5. Drink 70 oz of water daily (more for Justin.)
6. Drink your veggies every morning.
7. Don't beat yourself up. If you need to have one of the things in rule #1, just have one and enjoy every minute of it.

I made it a full 6 days following all the rules above.  I was traveling for work, so it was super hard.  I went to Trader Joe's as soon as I landed in Indy and stocked up. Getting stranded in the airport on my way home for 7 hours was the worst, but I made it.

Once I made it through a week, I was a horrible mean person and decided to make rule #7 above. Justin did much better and stuck through it the whole way with very few cheats.  I'm super happy that we did it. That book had tons of great information and we learned some good things.

My Happy Takeaways from our 21 Day Adventure:
1. Getting enough calories can be really difficult when you aren't eating crap. I felt like I was constantly eating and I loved every second of it.
2. Acai Bowls really are the shit. Believe everything you read, they are incredible.

3. Meditation is hard when your dogs want to play outside, but it's enjoyable.
4. Drinking the right amount of water really does make you feel better.
5. I struggle with vitamins. Isn't it enough if I eat the right food? I hate taking them.
6. Vegan cheese is gross. Justin didn't mind it, but I hated it. Sorry, but you just can't mess with cheese.
7. I love having a FitBit. I've been seeing both negative and positive posts about FitBits. I absolutely love it. We've each had one since August and we love them. On Saturday, we hit 30,000 steps in a day and it was very exciting for us.

I never hate being called a Champ.

Now, I will admit that since we finished our 21 days, we've enjoyed beers, brunches, pizza and cheese plates galore.  I haven't gained any weight back that I've lost and I've been super good about water, veggies for breakfast, dry brushing and eating better.  You can't be healthy if you aren't happy.

Linking up today with my friend, Erin, for the #4weeksfit recap. Owning it. Have you done cleanses before? Are you obsessed with Acai bowls like the rest of the blog world?


  1. You go girl!! You seriously rocked- and btw, we need to be FitBit buddies! I love mine too- even when I don't hit my goal every single day. It has definitely made me work at being more active, especially throughout the work day!

  2. I'm not down with cleanses. MFD has done them.

    I try to eat well 80% of the time, and to be mindful of the other 20%. I'm much better than I used to be.

    That combined with 100 ounces of water and 40 minutes of exercise daily have me on a really good track. The exercise is new since the beginning of Lent. The water is old and the eating is a few months old. Now I just need to get my sleep going.

    Once my 40/40 challenge ends, I'm going down to 30 minutes of exercise five days a week with active rest days the other two.

  3. Great stuff, lady!!!! I just completed WHOLE30 and it was tough but so worth it!!!

  4. No gluten, cool..... wait WAIT WAIIIITTTT. NO COFFEE?? I'm trying to do that as well. It's failing. ONE DAY. / creative + lifestyle blog

  5. You freaking rocked. Seriously! And I love your goal #7! I think "cheat meals" are good for you, keeps you on track and usually causes you not to binge later! I think you did SO well this month!! I really need to get a fitbit of some kind!

  6. get it girlfriend! I don't know if I have the willpower to give up booze AND coffee AND gluten all at once. maybe one at a time.... but that's super impressive!!

  7. I just can't see how vegan cheese can ever be a thing. I love cheese.

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