March 19, 2015

A Change of Scenery

Work trips for me happen fairly often. I leave my comfortable little apartment on the Hudson River to meet new people and share some knowledge all over the Midwest and the North. This past month, I spent a week in Omaha & Kansas City and then the following week in Indianapolis. I don't get much time to get out and do anything, especially that week in Indy when the temps were in the single digits the whole time.

I'm a person that enjoys my usual routines and finds comfort in them, but a change of scenery does good things for me too. It's nice to see new things and meet new people. I enjoy driving around little midwest towns that I've never seen before. I actually enjoy eating alone in restaurants and chatting with the bartenders.

It was definitely a change of scenery from New York City. Some people call the midwest a bunch of "fly-over states" but it is a great place to explore. Wonderful people, wonderful food and beautiful country. Now if only I can get back when it's a little warmer outside. Do you travel for work?


  1. Yes, I have suggestions galore for your next trip to Indy! And as someone who has always lived in the Midwest, I can assure those haters that it's not just a bunch of fly-over states! But seriously, Iowa is...

  2. I don't travel for work - which I think is a blessing and a curse. :) I truly enjoy the Midwest and Plains states - I'm probably a little biased but they are pretty and there are things to do...

  3. I don't travel with this job, but when I did in the past I liked it. I like walking around my own town, why not explore some others.

  4. I love a good work trip. Sometimes they can be exhausting, but usually they're a good change of pace and enough to keep things interesting. Safe travels!

  5. Us Midwest folks are pretty great! ;) I don't travel for work but would love the opportunity to- every once in awhile though. I don't think I'd want to do it often, but a few times a year would be nice just for a chance to see a new city, even if for a short trip. Now when are we getting mexican food again?! :)


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