February 15, 2015

Tool for Bloggers - JotForm

**This is a sponsored post on behalf of JotForm.com

I'm constantly on the hunt for tools that make blogging easier.  I have an entire Pinterest board full of different posts about blogging.

I was pretty excited when JotForm reached out and introduced me to their site.  Basically, JotForm is a form builder on the web and has thousands of templates available.  It can be used for surveys, contact us pages, submissions, invitations and Etsy sales - just to name a few.  You can have the submissions emailed to you or sent to a Google drive spreadsheet or a bunch of other convenient ways.

The other feature in JotForms is the apps and form widgets already built and ready for use.  There are date pickers, signature boxes, custom terms & conditions options and the usual social media outlets.

I have been updating my blog little by little over the last few days and I've had so much fun playing around on this website.  I added a form to my sponsor/advertise page and have a few more that I'm playing around with.

Next time you are doing a signup for a book exchange or possibly looking to update your contact page, check this website out.  You just create a free account and start playing around.  Click here to check it out.

Also, if you are more interested in ways to use JotForm, they have a list of 11 different occupations that use these tools and a pretty amazing YouTube library of how-to videos and different ideas.

Let me know what you create.  Happy Sunday.


Thanks for reading my ramblings. It makes my heart happy.