February 2, 2015


Last week, we were under a blizzard advisory, everything shut down and we only received 3 inches of snow.  This morning is supposed to be business as usual and there is a thick sheet of ice covering our town along with a 20 foot pile of snow in the middle of our intersection.  Oh winter drama.

Since it's the beginning of a new month, I'm here to fill you in on the random things in my life/head.  I'm currently...

Reading an Iceland travel book from Lonely Planet, My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster and all of the magazines I've been hoarding over the last year.  They need to be recycled, but I'm insisting on paging through them all again before parting with them

Writing this post and working on a few drafts.  I'm also writing thank you notes for the wonderful people that have donated to our MS Climb team.  If you'd like to donate, you still have a month until game time, just click here.

Eating a candy bar for breakfast.  To be fair, we are trying to clean out our cabinets by actually using the food we have stored.  We've made some creative meal choices, but we've saved ourselves a few times from ordering delivery.

Excited about our 2nd annual East Coast ski trip with Katie.  We are heading to Lake Placid this year and even though it's going to be extremely cold, I'm so excited to be in the same place that the Miracle on Ice happened 35 years ago.  Plus, my skis are bad ass and I love them.

Missing my Minnesota people.  I'm so grateful that Katie will be here in a few days to hang with us.

Focusing on the budget that we set for February and sticking to it.  We have some awesome vacations in our future, but the trick is you have to pay for them.

Laughing at Jimmy Fallon.  His lip sync battle last night was perfection.  It has been almost been a year since he took over the Tonight Show and he's just as funny as ever.

Confused by all the "dad-vertising" last night during the Super Bowl.  Did all of those companies call each other beforehand to have similar commercials or is fatherhood a new fad now?  There were some great commercials, but I just didn't understand why that theme was so popular.  Also, I think Linds Lo was way better than Kim Kard.  

Saying Goodbye to cable television today.  We were going to wait until Spring, but we are just too excited about saving the money and enjoying life away from the box of smut. 

 Happy Groundhog Day friends.


  1. some of those commercials were SO heavy last night! I might have cried during more than one... good luck with your February budget!

  2. Oh man, I want to get rid of cable SO BAD, but just can't pull the trigger. Jimmy Fallon is amazing. I want to have dinner and drinks with him. And maybe make out with him.

    I need budget boot camp. Someone needs to come and look at my money and tell me how much I am allowed to spend. Ugh. I am so jealous of your trip to Iceland!

  3. We were wondering the same thing about all of the dad commercials last night, kind of strange! And why were there so many heavy/sad commercials? Usually there are some serious but mostly funny ones! We said goodbye to cable a few years ago, and I really don't miss it! It really is nice to not have to write that check each month!

  4. I love your random life updates. I tried to do one of my own, just because you requested it in your adorable thank you card, but I got stuck from the very beginning 2 different times. It's like I don't know how to blog about anything unrelated to the wedding industry anymore....I'll try again though ;)

    Have so much fun on your ski trip!!!!

    No cable? HOW?!

  5. What Iceland travel book? I'm planning a trip there in 2016 and would love to know :)

  6. I was with you on being confused about the commercials last night. They were either dad-vertising or sad. Anything else was few and far between. It just wasn't what I expected from normal Super Bowl fare.

  7. I'm about to cancel Comcast. I have a low deal with them and when its up, it's out.

    You gotta do what you gotta do when you are cleaning out the pantry. Says the girl who ate Kraft Mac & Cheese with glee a few weeks ago.

    Lake Placid is a really cute little town.

  8. Jimmy Fallons Saved By The Bell skit the other night was awesome!


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