January 14, 2015

I Need a Little Help

A little R&R is sometimes all I need to recharge.  I had the best weekend full of new adventures, walks on the beach and early bed times.  So many laughs.  If only I could do that once a month.

I will share some of our adventures of the next few weeks, but today, I need to brain dump a little bit.

- I want Buffalo Plaid everything.  It screams winter coziness to me.  I'd like a vest, a blanket, some socks.

- My new skis came and I'm ridiculously excited to get them out on the slopes.  We have our annual ski trip with Katie planned for a couple weeks, but if the weather is good, I'm going to make sure I remember how to get down the mountain before Lake Placid.

- I really did give the Bachelor a try, but I just don't understand it.  Sorry, but if I want to watch a bunch of crazy real whores, I'll stick with Bravo.

- I have 27 colors of nail polish.  I counted them tonight.  I've never even used half of them, so I'm challenging myself to use each color this year at least once.

- I have a new addiction - Lara Bars - specifically the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor.

- So many babies born, new jobs, engagements and goals set during the first few weeks of the New Year.  So many happy feelings.  I just love it.

- One of my favorite bloggers in all the land has started a brand new adventure and I'm sooooo proud of her.  Please please go and check her out - http://bestdayevereventsblog.blogspot.com - she's giving away a gift card, so you would be silly not to.

My last random item is a little less random.  We need your help.  Justin and I are going the MS Climb to the Top of the Rock in March.  We recently lost a really good family friend to MS and there are many people in our lives impacted by MS.  This is something we can do to help.  It's a 66 story climb, but it is one of the most beautiful views in the city.

If you are in the NYC area and want to do the climb, feel free to join our team "Team Johnson."  If you are able to donate a few dollars, I would be forever grateful.

Here is the fundraising page.

Any bloggers that donate will receive free ad space on my blog as well for a little extra incentive.

That's all I have for today.  Back to dive into my emails to continue to make a dent.  Woof.  I can't wait until my next vacation.


  1. So happy you had such a good vacation!! Cannot wait to hear all about it!!

    Also, Buffalo Plaid Vests. YES! Go get yourself that JCrew vest, then we can throw on our Sunday Funday shirts and totally be the dancing twin girls emoji ;)

    Also also, thank you for sharing my new blog!! You're the best!!!!

    Also also also, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, but so proud of yall for trying to help the MS cause.


  2. I visited your friend's blog.

    I'm intrigued by using all the nail polish colors. I definitely have more than 27. I could likely use one a week for much of the year. I should try this.

    So sorry about your friend. Great event & great cause.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend. When is the climb?

  4. Buffalo Plaid <333 I want a flannel...and a scarf...and everything else.

    I can't get into The Bachelor either. And I see ONE MORE Bachelor recap post, I'll light my computer on fire. No, I won't. It's not worth it.

  5. Very nice gesture doing the MS climb. And yes, Bravo has the real crazy ho's!

  6. I am the worst at painting my own nails so I bet most of my polish is dried up. I should probably check on that!!


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