January 5, 2015


It is day 5 of the New Year.  Are you sticking with your resolutions?  I am a big fan of 2015 so far.  We have checked some things off our fun list, seen the movies on our list in the theater (while sneaking in snacks), cleaned out our closet and under our couch.  #winning (yep, hashtags are still a thing this year)

Celebrating Quincy's 10th birthday.  Lola loves him so much that she has made him a throne... literally.  This milestone makes me a little sad, I just can't believe he has already been alive for a decade and in our lives for 9 years.  Time flies when you're having fun.

Reading Yes, Please!  I'm so excited.  I love Amy Poehler so much.  I'm so excited to read a few more books this year.  I've got so many lined up in queue.

Loving my Hunter boots.  It's been rainy and cold here, so being able to jump into puddles makes it all fun.

Working on a new project with my husband and taking our decluttering to the next level.

Smelling the Dumbledore's Office candle from Frostbeard Studio.  Special thanks to Kelsey for making dreams come true.

Realizing that my 30th birthday is creeping up.  No better time than now to start using better face cream.  Also, we are making some last minute plans to wrap up by my 30 before 30 list.

Eating cookies sent from St. Paul, MN.  My mom's friend, Mary, has the best Russian Tea Cakes each year at the cookie exchange.  Since I moved away, she has made sure I haven't missed out.  I received the carefully packaged box in the mail today.  Day maker.

Packing for my warm weather escape that is only 2 days away.  Please please please give me any recommendations you have for the Fort Myers area.

Watching movies at the theater - finally.  We kind of stopped going to the theater over the summer and fall and we've gone twice in the last week.

First, we saw Into The Woods and it was the worst movie I've seen in a while.  It makes me sad to say that because I love Disney and I love musicals and I love fairy tales.  Sorry, but I wanted to walk out of this movie.

We had to make up for that poor experience by seeing Unbroken on New Year's Day.  This book was incredible and if you haven't read it, it should be the next on your list.  It's impossible not to be a little inspired by this man's courage.  The movie doesn't even do the story a little bit of justice, but I'm glad we saw it.

Last, but definitely not least, was Wild.  I loved the book.  I could have gone with less of Reese's boobs in the movie, but I thought it stayed true to the book and was a great movie.  Not one I'll see again, but I'm glad we saw it.

Hope you are killing it with your resolutions.  Hey, you made it through your first Monday of the year, so there's that.  Cheers.


  1. I'm so behind on reading. Part of me wants to read all the books of course, but another part is in major winter hibernation mode and I don't want to do anything. Glad you enjoyed the movies, we never go either because it's so freaking expensive and it's much more comfortable to watch Netflix or on demand.

  2. I'm glad I read this because my friend and I were deciding which of those three movies to see on Thursday. We will steer clear of Into the Woods!

  3. Was Reese awesome in Wild, aside from the boobs?

    I finally put a currently post in my monthly rotation.

    Russian tea cake cookies sound divine. I love that she's made sure you haven't missed out since moving.

  4. Russian Tea Cake cookies in the mail?? That would make my day too! I need to make my list of books to read this year, I am so behind on all of the current books!

  5. Ever since you posted that pic on insta, I'm so curious what you've got up your sleeve!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. The one and only time I was in Fort Myers was 6 years ago and I think all we did was go to the beach....but, my sister-in-law and her husband live there and they are big microbrew fans. Their favorite is Point Ybel brewery and they go to Ft. Myers Brewing Company often too.

    Captiva Island and Sanibel Island are right there too...we did the beach and dinner there. Gorgeous sunsets and very low key.

    Have fun! There's lots of old people there from what I remember :-)

  7. I'm sad to heat how bad Into the Woods was!!! You know that breaks my Disney heart! =\ Enjoy the warmth, I've never been to Ft Meyers!

  8. DS & his GF saw Into the Woods and were disappointed - they LOVE the stage show!
    My resolutions/goals have not been handled well thus far, but I'm working on changing that this week...
    Have a great rest of the week!

  9. I just heard from another friend who hated Into the Woods! Now I'll have to see it!


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