December 26, 2014

Trying to Look Productive? I Can Help

Hope you had the merriest Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you got a day off.

We had a very relaxing day in our jammies.  I did actually voluntarily go to the gym.  We FaceTimed with family and made an epic brunch complete with Baked Eggs and bloody marys.  When they are homemade in our apartment, they come with a snit of beer and decorated with cheese & veggies.  The Midwest really does them right.

Now, I have a work day.  I have so much work to do.  For those of you that are working today with me and need to look productive without doing anything, I'm jealous, but I also wanted to put together a few things for you to stay busy.

- Here is a great list of holiday related prompts from Mr. Thomas & Me

A Post about quitting social media for a week by a friend.  Makes me think I should take more days off.
Pictures of 100 beautiful places in case you are plotting your next vacation or just want to daydream.
- Another article about my latest obsession, Tiny Houses.  Am I alone on this?
- This story about an airplane encounter.  As someone who sometimes gets annoyed by people during travel, this was important for me to read.
- If you need a new list or are looking for a New Year's resolution, here are 49 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Have.  How many of these have you conquered?  I have some work to do.
- This blog that has a little fitness, a little food and she lives in England... so that's way cool in itself.

- 12 Dates of Christmas.  It is cheesy, has Zack Morris and reminds me of Groundhog Day.
- Parks and Rec.  The end is coming and I'm beyond sad so I'm watching every episode before bed.
- This mash up of popular songs from 2014:

Just need to get through the piles today and I'll have a weekend.  I love these holiday short weeks.


  1. I watched 12 Dates of Christmas last week--so cute!

  2. I'm at work too today, so you bet I'll be tearing up these links!!! ;) I watched a documentary on tiny houses and I'm totally fascinated. While I would love to simplify my home and have less stuff in general, I don't think I could live in such a small space. Less stuff? Sure... but those houses make me a tad claustrophobic!

  3. I'm so pleased to not be working. Good luck lady! Push through, the weekend is upon you!

  4. Haha! I'm having to work a little today, since we're traveling for the next two days, but I am trying to look busy. ;)


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