December 29, 2014

Gaze into the Crystal Ball

The New Year is approaching.  2014 was a great year.  I love looking backwards, but I also love dreaming forwards.  What will 2015 bring for me?

My 30th birthday.  I'm not freaked out about it.  I'm just a little freaked out about getting everything wrapped up from my 30 before 30 list.  The beginning of the year will be focused on those items: Canadian trip, European adventure, trying something off of Groupon, finishing the Bible, raise money for charity, try to find the Northern Lights and take in a few more baseball games.

More outdoor playtime.  New skis for the winter, so many new paths for the warmer months.  So much exploring to do.

Deflecting the baby question at least 15 times throughout the year.  Mostly at my little brother's wedding.

A big decision about our future.  Our lease is up in August and we have a lot of things to figure out about our future and where in the world we will be this time next year.

Less TV watching.  I think we are going to cut cable forever and the thought of it makes me weirdly happy.  The question is - can I live without Bravo?

Simplifying a little more.  Less stuff, more meaning.

Pancakes, green juices, mimosas, egg bakes.  This is the year of the breakfast and a better morning routine.  2 cups of coffee every morning isn't always the best way to start a day.

Homemade dinners, glasses of wine, vegetables and less money spent on eating out.  It's a little friendlier on the waist line as well.

A little more brain activity.  More writing, more reading and maybe learning a few new things.

What about you?  What do you see when you look into the crystal ball?

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  1. Love this post! We cut cable a couple of years ago and we really don't miss it! Of course, having Amazon Prime and Hulu helps! ;) I would really like to get in a better morning routine too!

  2. More writing, more conscious movement, more travel.

  3. I enjoy looking forward, too! I'm hoping for more creativity time for myself... whether it's writing a book, just journaling, doodling, getting out my old sketchbooks again, working on photography for fun-- just using that brain a little more and giving myself more time to do things I enjoy :)

  4. Big year ahead me lady! Excited for your Euro trip! Decide on location? I just went to Canada too :) when are you having a baby? SOOO J/K! ;)

  5. I love your list- I need to work on better morning routines for this next year too. I really want to convince my husband to get rid of cable too! I don't know if it will happen, but it would be awfully nice going into the new year :)

  6. Less stuff, more meaning has been sometime that's really continued to weigh on my heart. Like maybe I don't NEED so many things but instead NEED people and space and time to do and try and adventure.

    Jason cleaned out his side of the closet last night and he did it with such ease, when I look at mine I attached emotions and memories and such to clothes that really aren't necessary (or even worn anymore!). :)

  7. Yikes - living without Andy Cohen??? Is that possible?

  8. I love the way you've written this. Those are all excellent things to tackle in the new year. Best of luck, I know I'll be adopting several of them!

  9. I hope to continue on the path to health, more writing, more advocacy, more just keeping my positive outlook.

    You know I always love reading about your adventures, so I'm excited to see what 2015 brings you.

  10. The cable thing...I wish we could do that. My husband tells me we "need" cable. Let me know how that goes!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  11. love this post so much. we have never had cable, but if we did i would watch hgtv like it was my job. i used to watch it at my mother in laws and such, you get used to it when it's gone and you fill up your time with a book or something. i love this: Less stuff, more meaning. definitely a goal of mine!

  12. We have cut our cable before and it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be! I didn't miss it at all for the nine months we went without. However since we were in a contract we had to turn it back on. I could also go for some better breakfasts!!

  13. All hail better morning routines! I need the hands emoji from my phone to comment with! One day, I'll have one of those! I can't wait to watch your plans!

    Happy New Year!

  14. Yes to more writing, that's what I am going to do, too! Aiming to write a book and make everyone around me read it. Happy New Year!!


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