December 2, 2014

Beers in New England

Back in October, we took the most amazing road trip through New England.  The one part I left out of our recaps was our brewery tour.  One of the items on my 30 before 30 list was to visit 5 new breweries and we were able to accomplish this in one week as we trekked through the northeast.

Vermont Breweries

The brewery at the Von Trapp Family Lodge near Stowe definitely had the best scenery.  You are looking out over the Green Mountains on a deck with sheep and other animals running around below you.  They have a deli with some snacks and 4 different brews to sample.  We loved being outside.

Harpoon Brewery in Windsor also had a great location.  It was located near lots of other shops and eateries.  They had bonfire pits set up outside and a great hang out atmosphere.  Plus, I just love Harpoon beer :)

Our favorite brewery of the whole trip was Long Trail.  We stumbled upon it accidentally, but I was super happy that we did.  They had food, beer and a beautiful setting with a "backyard."  If you ever find yourself in the middle of the Green Mountains (which you should), then I would definitely recommending stopping here for a bite and a drink.

Maine Breweries

Our trips to breweries on the coast of Maine were a little quicker, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Our first stop was to Atlantic Brewery in Bar Harbor, ME.  They had a Leaf Peeper Ale which was meant to be for us.  The blueberry was also super tasty.  In the middle of a busy cruise port, we were happy to find this treat.

On our trip down the coast of Maine, we stopped at the Marshall Wharf brewery.  This was my least favorite of the places we stopped.  The beer was a little too hoppy for me.  We didn't even finish the 2 oz samples that we shared.  This would be a great place to go if you are an IPA lover that enjoys the tiny places.

Our last stop was Shipyard.  This was a recommendation from lots of friends.  You watch a quick movie and then you get to try a few of their beers.  There were also having a sale on their summer beers, so we stocked up on some watermelon and grapefruit beers... which only lasted a week once we were home.

And then in Portsmouth...

We had deviled eggs and beers at the Portsmouth Brewery.  Our goal was five breweries in seven days.  What can I say?  We are over achievers.

What is your favorite brewery to visit?


  1. I love the picture at the Von Trapp brewery... the beers perfectly match the foliage! Perfect time to go beer-ing.

  2. That looks fun. I've actually never been to a brewery!

  3. That's awesome. One of our favorite things to do when we go to a new city is find a brewery to sample. When we were in Toronto- I think we went to 3 or 4 in one weekend- it was awesome!

  4. This looks like such a cool trip! We have done two brewery tour type trips here in the northwest, but I would love to come do New England!!! It's definitely on my bucket list now. And I really want a beer :)

  5. What an awesome trip! This sounds like something my boyfriend and I would like to do. We've been loving trying out different breweries in Halifax. We're planning a couple NE road trips for next year so I'll definitely keep this in mind. I'm not crazy about really hoppy beers either...although they do slow me down!

  6. This sounds and looks like such a neat part to your trip! There's so many local breweries around me that are notable and I've been meaning to go - but just haven't gotten around to it yet!

  7. Vermont <3 Beer <3 Fall <3 I've never been to any of the places in Maine - I need to add that to my to do list.

  8. The views!! How incredible!! What a perfect day!

  9. Sooo many beautiful views, omg! I need to get to the Northeast.


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