December 18, 2014

2014 Favorites - Part 1

The year is coming to an end and the gift guides are starting to die down.  That means it is time for 2014 in review posts.  I love these, so I'll be sharing a few.  Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorites. I should warn you that I'm not always on top of the newest trends, so some of these did not come out this year, but I enjoyed them this year.


These were my 3 favorite books that I've read this year.  I know they are a little random, but these are the three that I couldn't wait to pick back up every time I put them down.  Plus, we all know how much I love Andy Cohen - total guilty pleasure.


Gone Girl & This is Where I Leave You were my two favorite movies.  Turns out I didn't see many this year, but I have a lot I want to see this holiday season.  Hopefully I'll add a few more to this list.  The plan is to see: Wild, Unbroken, Mockingjay, Into the Woods and the Theory of Everything.  I better get to the theater sooner rather than later.

TV Show Binges

Breaking Bad - We started the first season over a year ago and then realized that it would just be easier to wait until the show was done and watch the whole thing beginning to end.  Incredible.

Scandal - I get the Olivia Pope fascination now.

Gilmore Girls - Not sure how I missed this show the first time around, but it's my guilty pleasure now.

30 Rock - Because Tina Fey

Songs  - I'll admit that I loved Fancy for the first three weeks it was out around my birthday and then I started to hate it.  These are all songs I have listened to a ton this year and have not gotten sick of yet.  I'd call that a win.

The Best Songs Of 2014

Linking up with Helene for the best songs.  Tell me your favorites from the year.  I could use some new stuff to check out.


  1. If The Andy Cohen Diaries is not under my Christmas tree, I already know what I'll be doing as soon as the stores are back open! I need to read that book!!!!

    Mockingjay was SO good! It helped that I hadn't read the 3rd book, so I had no idea what was going to happen. I was on the edge of my seat, pretty much the entire time.

    I really need to jump on the Scandal bandwagon. Maybe I'll renew our Netflix subscription over the Christmas holiday, so I can binge when JC's working ;)

  2. I love "Am I Wrong"! Such a great tune! And of course Gilmore Girls is the BEST!

  3. I'm working on my 2014 wrap up - I tend to do one long one. Today I need to cull through the 60 some books I read this year and pick my favorites...but I won't lie, I love looking back on what I read this year.

  4. Girl, you know I love all things Andy Cohen too! Haven't read this book yet, but I'm going to soon! I've been on a Scandal catch up kick the last couple of months too. How can you not loooove it! It's the best!

  5. I still need to see This is Where I Leave You. I read the book and loved it but missed the movie in theaters and am now waiting for Netflix or Prime.

  6. okay i have to read light between oceans! there was so much good music! i am probably the biggest music fan out there but i was just so mad at avicii this year after cancelling on tomorrowworld!

  7. I love all the end of the year type of reviews too! I think I'll copy you and do a fave's post ;)

  8. Ohh I love Josh Kelley! I somehow missed this song this year.. I don't listen to the radio, so maybe that's why. I'll go listen now, though. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I still need to see This is Where I Leave You!

  10. You just reminded me that I stillll haven't seen Gone Girl. BLAH!

  11. You need to see The Lego Movie. Immediately, if not sooner. It was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.


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