November 3, 2014

Right Now - November Edition

It's Turkey Time.  Just kidding.  I'm still a Pescatarian, but it seems like the second that Halloween is over - Christmas/Thanksgiving holiday madness just punches you in the face.  I'm not quite there yet. Let's enjoy the last few warm weeks of the year before the frost sets in.  Trust me - there is plenty of time for stockings, gratitude posts that come every year in November and snow.

Here is what I'm up to right now (not this second, but you get the idea)

Reading my first Bill Bryson book, A Walk in the Woods, which is about the Appalachian Trail.  I'm a big fan of reading about other people's adventures and letting it inspire my own.

Eating less sugar this month.  I'm not a huge sweet tooth, but I love a piece of chocolate or a donut every once in a while.  We bought the book I Quit Sugar which has an 8 week plan to cut down your sugar intake.  We know the holidays are coming, so we are just cutting back from now until Christmas and then we'll cut it out for a while.

Beginning to plot out our travels next year.  It's time to start living on a budget and saving some money.  We have lots of fun things in the future... if we can pay for them.

Missing my friends from home.  It's the year of 30th birthdays and it sucks having to miss out on the celebrations.  I missed a few fun parties in the last month, but I'm sure these ladies were surrounded by lots of love and lots of laughs.

Wishing that I could have a personal chef or enough money to eat out every day.  It took me almost an hour to figure out our meal plan this week.  I need to keep building up my list of recipes that I can execute so this isn't such a daunting task.

Loving my current uniform of sweaters and leggings.  Somedays I wear leggings as pants.  When you work from home and people don't see you all day - it's totally OK.

Drinking red, red wine.  It's that time of year again where the whites go in the fridge and the reds come out of the cabinet.  I'm not totally exclusive with red, but I prefer it when the air gets a little colder.

Listening to my Autumn playlist on Spotify.  Also, I'm annoyed with Taylor Swift because she pulled her music from Spotify.  I think her NY song is annoying and even if I think I would like the rest of her new CD, I won't be buying it on iTunes.

Excited to see what the Freedom Tower looks like at night.  It has finally officially opened and I can't wait to see what the building looks like at night without the construction lights.

Watching the nightly news and hearing about a warming trend that is bringing 70 degree weather to our neck of the woods for the next couple of days.  I love living near the coast.

Proud that I almost blogged every day in October.  I missed 2 days, but I still count that as a huge win.  Thanks for putting up with my consistency.  I know it isn't something you're used to.

What have you been up to lately?  


  1. I wish I had a chef, too!!!!! Actually a maid. Y'know what? BOTH! :)

  2. So jealous that you work from home. I would love to go to work every day in sweatpants. Meal planning is so helpful for me especially breakfast and then I just try to at least have a leftover protein from dinner so can throw that ish on top of spinach or kale and BAM lunch. XOX

  3. tip: go to she has her recipes organized by category (ie. breakfast, dinner, lunch etc). i go to that site on the regular!!

  4. Great job on blogging every day in October!

    If one works from home one may wear leggings as pants as long as they do not cavort around town with their parts on display. LOLOL

    I saw something on Instagram yesterday and the poster was like "fall is over." Say what? Fall is actually over on December 20 but thanks for playing.

  5. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors and definitely my favorite non-fiction author! You must read "A Short History of Nearly Everything." Best non-fiction book ever.

    Don't relate on the sugar thing though.

  6. I love plotting travels! Where are you thinking of going? :)

  7. I just ordered my first Bill Bryson book as well, "A Short History of Everything" of which I haven't heard anything negative! (See comment above) So yay, excited!


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