November 6, 2014

Maine: Little Towns, Moose and Seafood

We spent the last few days of our fall road trip in Maine.  We obviously didn't explore the entire state and there are a few places that are still on our list to visit.  I would love to come in the summer and spend more time on the coast.  I will share a few of our favorite places with you and dump a few photos on you as well.

Middle of Nowhere

Maine actually has an entire section in the Northern part of the state where there is one person per 100 square miles.  Get off the highway and away from the coast and enjoy the quiet lakes and untouched forests of this beautiful place.

Bar Harbor

This town is a magnet for cruise ships - WATCH OUT - that means lots of people in a little town.  If you catch the downtown area when it's a little slower, it's beautiful.  Tons of little shops, restaurants and a busy little harbor with lots of little islands all around.  We didn't get to spend time at Acadia National Park, but it's on my list when we return.

We took a break and enjoyed a beer from the local brewery called the Leaf Peeper - it was perfect for our adventure.  We had clam chowder and crab cakes and then walked off our lunch.


This is the town we stayed in.  The Lord Camden Inn was fantastic.  We checked in and then walked through the town.  We found a restaurant to have a Lobster dinner and then walked around after sunset.

I recommend hiking to the top of Mt. Battie for an amazing view of the little harbor town (and a decent workout.)  You should get some Chowder here at Cappy's Chowder House.  You should enjoy hot chocolate from the little bakery on Main Street and sit on your balcony of your room at the Inn and watch life happen.  Watch the fishing boats come and go in the harbor.  We had a such a wonderful night in this little town.


Our last stop in Maine was this little town which had lots of beautiful oceanfront mansions and the best food we ate on the entire trip.  It is the home of LL Bean and Tom's.

You HAVE to stop at the Clam Shack and order a lobster roll and a fried clam sandwich.  Check out the Bush's estate while you're there - even better, pull up a seat and watch the awesome tourists trying to get their picture in front of his estate.

Those were our favorites on our quick 2 day trip through Maine.  Like I said, we would love to go back.  It is a beautiful state and there is tons to take in.  Have you ever been?  Any favorites?


  1. I've never been and it's on my list more than ever now thanks to your photos. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous photos! We talk about doing a northeast road trip one day and now I want to visit even more!

  3. I've never been, but these incredible pictures make me want to go!!

  4. I've always heard that Maine is FREAKING GORGEOUS

  5. Maine looks gorgeous! I've never been, but would love to visit one day.

  6. This looks so pretty! I've only been to Maine once and we went to the beach. It was definitely a good time but I'd love to explore more of what Maine has to offer.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I was in Maine at the end of August and it is beautiful. I love it up there. Never been in the fall and now your pictures are making me want to go soon!


  8. I love your photos! Thankfully on our day in Bar Harbor, we were only one of two cruise ships so it wasn't too crazy. I'm adding Camden to our list. It looks so beautiful! :)


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