October 7, 2014

Vacations Should Be Mandatory

I'm currently on vacation and I'm supposed to tell you what my worst vacation was and my best vacation.

Well, there was this one time that I broke up with my boyfriend right before we had a cross country road trip planned to visit my family.  I thought he'd bail, but he didn't.  So we drove to Denver, we had a blast with my family and then the trip back was absolute hell.  But who wants to talk about that?

As far as best vacations, I struggled making a decision.  My husband and I talked about this for a while on the road today.  Neither of us could really decide, but we had a great time reminiscing.  Instead I'm going to share a few of my favorite vacation moments:

Lake Tahoe - August 2013 - I climbed to the top of a mountain.  Read more here.

Animal Kingdom, Disneyworld, Orlando, FL - February 2013 - I finally made it to the most magical place on Earth.  Read more here.

Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, MT - January 2013 - My first time big mountain skiing. Read more here.

Phoenix, AZ - May 2012 - Girl's weekend in the desert sun.  Read more here.

And then there is this trip that I am on.  It is incredible.  If you want to follow along, follow me on Instagram @stephgregerson (or click here) and for even better pictures from an iPhone that is much newer and awesomer, follow my husband @justingregerson (or click here.)  Hope your week is off to an amazing start.

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. You're making me wanderlust over all of your traveling!

  2. All of these are amazing! I want to do them all too :)

  3. It looks like you've had some awesome vacations. :) I'm so jealous that you're on one now! I think they should definitely be mandatory.

  4. omg.. breaking up with boyfriend before a road trip.. cringe! Big Sky MT sounds amazing - even though I've never been skiiing!

  5. i have it on my list of vacations to go someplace where i can hike a mountain! oregon is one of those places and now, it seems that lake tahoe is on there too! :D

  6. I'm now following Justin since I'm not doing any leaf peeping this year myself.

    I love your vacation moments.

    NO! A break up followed by a cross country trip? Girrrrl. There's a story there for sure!

  7. We just got back from Disney and I'm having withdrawals!

  8. You are such a traveler! Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

  9. Those views look amazing! Sounds like you had a great time!

  10. haha I couldn't help but giggle about your break up with the bf right before your road trip across the US. too funny!

  11. Gosh, this makes me reaize how there are still so many places I was to go in the US!

  12. I'm going on vacation next week and can't wait! DisneyWorld and Halloween Horror Nights!


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