October 3, 2014

Things I Can't Live Without... Kind of

Home sweet home.  I'm back from my work trip to Milwaukee and it feels good.  Traveling a lot for work makes you appreciate some really small trivial things.  I know in the grand scheme of things - these aren't super important, but I do love them and I would rather not live without them if possible.

1.  Coffee - This is part of my morning routine.  I love drinking coffee out of my favorite mugs.  I love the smell of hot coffee throughout my kitchen and the funny noises that our Keurig makes.

2.  DVR - So what, I love TV.  I don't watch it when the weather is too nice, but in the winter, I love to binge watch my favorites.  I hate commercials and love a good pause button.

3.  My laptop and the world wide web - This is how I get my information most days.  I couldn't work, blog or keep up with our family & friends back in Minnesota as much without it.  I love books and paper, but for most of the little things, I'm so grateful to have my laptop.  I have a separate work laptop and personal laptop, so when I get home and can put the big work computer away, I'm so happy.

4.  Good blankets - I have the best blanket ever and I couldn't live without it.  Blankets are something that I take seriously.  They have to be soft and cozy and perfect.

5.  A stocked kitchen - Being able to pour a glass of wine or eat leftover mac & cheese at my apartment is so much better than having to put on a bra, real shoes and leave my hotel room to go downstairs and buy an expensive glass of wine and a sad excuse for a late night snack if I'm working late.  We always keep cold pressed juice, wine, cheese, peanut butter, beer, coffee, at least one pan of leftovers, fruits/vegetables and Clif bars in the kitchen... always.

So that is my list and I may be a little ridiculously spoiled, but I love being home.

What can't you live without?  Go link up with Blogtober and share.  Happy Friday!


  1. I love coffee, a total MUST!

  2. A stocked kitchen - SO true! Though I'm not a big coffee fan, I have to agree, an early morning with the smell of coffee brewing is quite wonderful.

  3. I didn't know I needed a DVR until I had one! I also don't know how I got things done before coffee...

  4. Fully stocked kitchen. And awesome blankets. Perfect.

  5. Completely agree on the fully stocked kitchen. Nothing better!

  6. being home is the absolute best. nothing beats it!

  7. I love to travel but there is nothing in the world like being home. Preferably under a blanket, drinking coffee and reading a book while the dogs lay on me and MFD is yapping in the background. All sans bra, of course.

    I don't even know who I am...I have very little interest in what's on my DVR these days.

  8. Coffee and internet - yes! Welcome home sista! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. First thing in the morning - coffee of course. I mean who can even survive a morning without a good fresh cup, right?! I think this would totally be my pick for today's prompt, if there was no tea in the world. ;)
    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  10. I couldn't live without music. When words fail me, I can aways rely on some type of music to speak my mind. Books. Warm blankets. Dippin Dots. Friends/Family. And as I type this, I'm curled on my couch with a "Oh, fuck it, I'll have another cup" cup of coffee.

  11. DVR is super essential. I'm with you there.

    It has taken me over 8 years of being out of my parent's house to learn how to keep a stocked pantry. It's a necessary skill set!

    Happy Friday!


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