October 27, 2014

The White Mountains

Our New Hampshire adventure continued with a trip to the Presidential range and then finally to the little town of Jackson where our Bed & Breakfast was located.

Mount Washington has an auto road that takes you 8 miles up to the summit.  It costs $28 per car and then additional money per person in the car.  We pulled in and the woman advised against going to the top because the visibility was low.  We took a few minutes, talked it over and decided not to take her advice.  The clouds were moving so quickly that we thought we might get lucky.  Our gamble paid off.

We got to the summit after an interesting drive in the fog.  We couldn't see anything, but it was amazing and beautiful.  Just stuck in a cloud.  We were a little worried that we wasted the money, but when we started our drive down the mountain, the clouds started moving and the views were incredible.

It was absolutely gorgeous.  The clouds would move a little and show us glimpses of a new valley or peak that we hadn't been able to see yet.  I would recommend this drive to anyone.  You can also take a train to the top.  

Once we got to the bottom, we experienced a little more rain and then a beautiful rainbow.  We ended our evening at our little Bed & Breakfast.  It was called the Inn at Jackson.  We weren't too sure about bed & breakfasts.  It had been a long time since I had stayed at one.  We loved everything about it.  There was a beautiful sitting room on the first floor with a huge fireplace and tons of books and games.  

The breakfast was amazing the next morning.  They had 3 different options for breakfast with tons of side dishes.  Between the fresh cookies, the coffee 24/7 and the amazing breakfast - I was sold.  We will definitely be back to this wonderful B&B, hopefully with skis and hot chocolate this winter.

The last leg of our trip was in Maine.  Then I promise my leaf peeping posts will be done.  


  1. Wow that view is stunning, especially with the fall colours!

  2. Sometimes it's good to take a gamble. What great views and I'm sure it was less crowded than it would've been on a totally clear day.

    You know from my instagram posts that I love the last photo with the coffee cup slogan.

  3. This place looks so adorable! Definitely worth the drive :D

  4. Good for you guys- I'm glad you took a gamble and won! Gorgeous views and great photos, friend!!

  5. That looks amazing up there. Have not been up in that area for a long time.

  6. Now just imagine walking up the auto road! I did this in August as part of a team with Adaptive Sports. There was even a team of two in wheelchairs who actually pushed themselves up!


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