October 1, 2014

Right Now - Blogtober Edition

Blogtober is here and I have made the commitment to post something on this blog everyday this month.  How convenient that I took the last 4 days off of the blog to prepare.

Since it's the first day of this wonderful month, it's time to check in on the happenings in life currently.  Right now, I'm...

Reading The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating (and I don't think I really like it.)

Sitting in a hotel room in Milwaukee wanting to have a bloody mary with this dirty Packer fan, but instead I'm sick and exhausted.

Eating fried Zucchini and saltines for dinner and wishing that I had some candy.

Beginning our Christmas shopping.  I'm not counting down the days for the holidays to get here, but I do like to spread around the spending a little bit.

Missing a normal routine.  We have had so much work travel lately that we kind of forgot what it's like to both be home for more than a weekend together.  Plus, these dogs are just so damn wonderful.

Wishing that the fall colors are beautiful next week for our trip up north.  I landed in the Midwest this morning and the colors here have changed way more than at home.

Loving my new TOM's wedges.  They are sooooo comfy and I'm so happy that I impulse purchased. I also love my most recent IWYP shirt - I hate super tight shirts and this one is so damn comfy.

Drinking so much water.  I'm determined to be "hydrated" and not feel like I'm drowning myself or having to wear a diaper.

Listening to 19 Kids and Counting in the background.  I've never watched an entire episode of this show, but it's so damn interesting - I had no idea.

Thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery.  I think I would purchase everything on my "Big Dreams" Pinterest board.

Follow Steph's board Big Dreams on Pinterest.

Who am I kidding?  I'd also travel everyone on that board on Pinterest and fill my closet with all those pins.  Pinterest really is a place to get lost in dreamland.  I guess I should probably start purchasing lottery tickets.

If you are curious about Blogtober and want to play along or even follow along, click below and see what's it's all about.

Helene in Between


  1. i have 2 pairs of the wedges and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. they are the most comfortable shoes ever!! now all Toms needs to do is make combat boots :D

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm the same way--I don't want to think about Christmas yet, but I do want to plan ahead with the shopping!

  3. OK, I think I NEED those wedges. They'll look adorable with the 4 pairs of Old Navy pixie pants I just bought!

  4. I started Christmas too because I need to spread the spend around a little, especially with vacation coming up in December.

    Lottery dreaming is my favorite dreaming.

  5. Those Toms are beautiful! I think I may need to look into getting myself a pair ASAP! The herringbone brown is perfect for fall too.

  6. So true, I think our pinterest boards are enough to tell us about what we would do with some extra money. Dream boards for sure.

  7. I love when people share books they don't like because it helps me cut down my list!

  8. Those wedges are AWESOME!! I hope you feel better girl :) And you know I'm all about spreading the spending as much as possible when it comes to Christmas.

  9. I AM SO JEALOUS OF THOSE WEDGES. I've been going back + forth on them forever, I just can never get myself to pull the trigger.

  10. Fried zucchini?! YUMMMMYYYY!!!!!
    I like to fantasize about winning the lottery but I've never even played, hahaha! I'd have to get REALLY lucky to win! ;P

  11. I do love a bit of fried zucchini....! Those wedges are awesome, I love the tweedy look!


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