October 6, 2014

Reasons I Love a Blog

Blogging is an interesting hobby.  Some people hide it from their friends & family like it's a weird fetish and some people obsessively post their blog on every form of social media.

I'd like to think I'm somewhere in the middle.  I've been writing on this blog for a while, but I'm no professional.  Today's writing prompt is to share tips for new bloggers, so I'm going to share with you the things that make me love a blog.  I'm more of a professional web surfer than blogger.

1.  Post pictures.  Like the random fall picture I just added, because I love pictures.

2.  Change up your subject matter.  I don't read many blogs that are all fashion, all DIY or all cooking.  I like when there's a bit of variety.

3.  Don't complain all the time.  I don't mind a good bitch session every once in a while, but when it's constantly negative - I'm out.

4.  Have a clean design page where things are easy to find.  I love clicking on someone's "about me" first to get some background before reading anything on a blog, so that's pretty important.

5.  Don't sell out and constantly post advertisements.  I wish I made more money from this little hobby (because who doesn't) but I can't stand constant ads.

6.  Enjoy blogging.  I think it is pretty obvious when a post is just thrown together at the last minute for the sake of posting something that day (I'm guilty of it in the past.)  It isn't the end of the world if you skip a few days when you don't have any time or inspiration.

7.  Teach me new things.  I love to learn about the books I need to read or the perfect shampoo for my hair type.  I love reading about people's favorites.  It makes me try new things.

8.  Get a little personal.  I like to get to know people through their stories.  I understand a little privacy, but too much and I get confused about why you have a blog.  

9.  Live a little bit.  I'm a lazy homebody lots of weekends, but then I don't usually tell you about the hours my ass spent planted on the couch.  You have to have a few adventures to write about.

I'm leaving you with those 9, you tell me what I'm missing.  

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Pictures and a clean design are spot on. It's hard to read a blog where you can't find anything, or it hurts your eyes. I agree about learning new things, too. It's always fun to add beauty products or books to my list, because of a blog. Well said!

  2. i agree with all of these, especially the negativity. I can't handle when it's complain complain complain!

  3. Very good stuff! I'm with you on the ads. I too, am all about making a buck, but when a blogger in their 20's is blogging about Depends, I'm like REALLY??? I love reading favorites, learning about new moisturizer or foundation

  4. OMG the ads; just no. don't clog up your beautiful layout with ads because trust me - NO ONE CLICKS ON THEM.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I had to check myself a while ago because I was worried I was being too negative. It is definitely a fine line!

  6. I agree with the constant ads. There should be enough "regular" posts in between, and you should only be taking on as much as your blog can handle!

  7. oh for sure on the ads. I think #10 should definitely be about no-replay/capatcha bloggers. I want to comment + respond to yours, but I don't want to have to do extra work..

  8. "Teach me new things. I love to learn about the books I need to read or the perfect shampoo for my hair type. I love reading about people's favorites. It makes me try new things." - i loved what you said. Learning new stuff & getting inspired by other smart & interesting bloggers has always been my nr.1 thing!
    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  9. I love this! I'm a new blogger so I've really enjoyed reading everyone's tips today. That fall photo is gorgeous! I wish we got fall here.

  10. Of all the lists I've read, I think this one is the best well rounded! Every point is so true. Changing it up, keeping the complaining and ads to a minimum - some of the most important I think!

    1. And by best I meant "most" ... oops ... haha but it probably is the best too! :)

  11. Loving reading all of the tips today! I'm a newbie so it's good to hear what more established bloggers have to say! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh my gosh! I love this list! This isn't your typical list of stuff about blogging as much as a whole list about how to live and think creatively as a writer. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. You have listed some wonderful points about blogging. I think opening up on my blog is one of the best things I have done. It was scary, really scary, but it helped me heal a lot and it is amazing to see how people do care. Plus I think people appreciate the raw and honesty looks into life. I know I do and I gravitate towards it. Also, love the point of variety; I am like you, I like a little of everything, not just heavy into one thing. Also LOL on the "people look at it as some weird fetish". That is too funny.


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