October 10, 2014

I Never Thought Blogging Would...

I am back in my apartment.  We had the greatest week exploring New England.  If you want to see some photos, search for #peepingsomeleaves on Instagram.  We finally found a hashtag no one else had used (it was a big moment for us.)  

I've missed my normal routine, but I feel extra energized and I have all kinds of fun things to share.  I'm extremely proud of myself that I had posts scheduled all week and I swear I will return emails this weekend.  I couldn't skip today, so I am sharing a few things I never thought blogging would do for me.

- I have a creative outlet and a place to just put things out into the world.  It's therapeutic.

- I have conversations with people I've never met.  These people are supportive, inspirational and some of the best people I have ever crossed paths with (virtual or not.)  I've met these people face to face and then loved them more.  

- I take way more photos.  I'm not saying that all of them are great photos, but there are a lot.  Wait until I unload these vacation photos.  You'll see what I mean.

- I'm still blogging - I kind of thought I would give up on this a long time ago.  

- I have eaten food, drank beers and shopped at stores I had never heard of before.  It's like a more descriptive version of Pinterest.

- Teach me internet things.  I know what HTML, GIF's and hashtags are now.  I'm so damn hip.

There are a few things I'm waiting for blogging to do - nonstop free clothes, free meals, free alcohol and free vacations.  Just kidding, I'll take just about anything for free and I'll love it.

One final thing - while I was away on vacation, this little blog hit 500 Bloglovin' followers.  I'm so excited.  I never thought that many people would visit this webpage.  It makes my heart so happy.  To celebrate, use the code leafpeeping on any of the ad spots for 50% off.

Also, if you are joining #blogtober14 - tell me in the comments so I can make sure to check out your posts.  I'm so excited to catch up on a few new blogs.

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. i for sure didn't think i'd be at it this long and i just love the entire community!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Leaf tossing photo. Amazing.

    I'm glad we met through blogging, I hope we meet face to face while you're on the east coast!

  3. Love your hashtag - I might be searching it at the moment!

  4. it always feels like such an accomplishment when I find a hashtag no one else is using... congrats on 500 followers!!!!

  5. I just hit my 2nd year. Blogging has opened up a a new world to me. And yes, it has offered me free clothes, free meals, free alcohol, etc.

    Keep it going!

  6. You look so happy in that photo! Glad you had a blast exploring :)

  7. That photo is adorable! I'm so glad we got to meet face to face bc of blogging!! :)


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