October 8, 2014

I Hope You're Awesome

When I think back 10 years, I realize how much my outlook on life has changed.  Mostly for the better - I'm drinking a lot less, not smoking cigarettes whenever I can and eating vegetables.  The good news is - I still have fun even though those things are different.  When I think about where I might be 10 years in the future, my mind starts wandering, so I wrote a letter to myself.  I've had something like this in my drafts for a while, so today is the perfect day to share.

Dear 39 year old Steph (who is probably shaking her head because it's weird to read a letter from yourself)

I hope you have found a potion that keeps dogs alive for 60 years.  

You should currently be completing your absolutely epic 40 before 40 list.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll start writing it next May.

I hope that you have traveled to many new countries.  I hope you've written about your adventures because they were worthy of sharing and the people you've met deserve to have their stories shared.  Plus, I bet you need somewhere to put all the pictures you've taken of inappropriate road signs and well staged breakfast tables.  Your husband is the best sidekick, so make sure to never forget that.

I hope you still listen to decent music and wear solid colors.  

You better not be out of shape.  I know getting older is hard on the metabolism, but maybe you hike mountains now instead of just dreaming about it.  Maybe you've learned how to stand on a paddle board and gracefully paddle instead of the wobble & fall routine.  I also hope you've learned to cook more than vegetarian slow cooker chili and mac&cheese.  

I don't know if you'll have children and I hope you're still OK with that.  Your nieces & nephew will still think you are the coolest, so don't mess that up.

I hope you are really good at a few things and making money for at least one of them.  I hope you own a tiny house somewhere awesome.  I hope you have a better morning routine than shower, coffee  and brush hair if we are feeling fancy.  

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the world is still intact, that there are still forests to enjoy and clean air to breathe - if you can do anything to help with that - please do.

Last, but not least, I hope you at least own an iPhone in the double digits. 

the 29 year old you

I have absolutely no idea where I will be in 10 years now, but if you would have asked me last year - I would have given you a stock answer.  I'm so happy my life isn't predictable. 

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. you'll be surprised at how health-conscious you get when you hit your mid-30s. i think it may have something to do with being so close to mid-life and then life suddenly doesn't seem so infinite anymore!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. An iPhone in the double digits. ELL OH ELL.

  3. I really hope the world is still green! Great letter :) Let me know if you discover that fountain of youth for dogs

  4. Can you pass along the potion to keep dogs alive?

  5. Visiting from the linkup, and I'm loving your letter! Definitely sassy :). It's hard to think of where we'll be in 10 years, especially because, like you said, life is unpredictable. It's fun to dream though.


  6. can you please share that potion, i'm sure it would work with cats. oh gosh iphones in the double digits, i only have a 4 right now so i'll probably still have that one when the iphone 20 comes out.

  7. Love the part about the morning routine! Someday mine will hopefully be more than just roll out of bed and maybe put clean cloths on.

  8. Haha so true about the double digit iphone!

  9. LOL, as I sit here contemplating if I want to switch back to an iPhone after switching to a Galaxy 2 years ago, I'm cracking up at your "iPhone in the double digits." Once a month, we have a "Friends Dinner" with a group of our closest friends, and it's all about spending time together, enjoying good food, wine, and making memories. 10 years ago I was no doubt bartending at some Philly bar (totally putting my biology degree to good use), dancing on the bar and wearing the smallest possible outfit I could find. It's so funny to look back, or look ahead, and see where you'll be. Also, will your potion work for cats? Cause I want Matzo Ball and Linky Cat to stay with me forever.


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