October 20, 2014

Fear of the Unknown

There are things in this world that I'm afraid of.  Silly things like spiders and subway rats, but also big things.  Uncertainty and things out of my control are scary.

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Last year, we made a big decision to leave the motherland for a new adventure far away from home.  We have had the greatest year and I'm afraid of what will happen next.  Will we return home and settle down like people want us to?  Will we continue to have this amazing adventure?  There is so much uncertainty in our future and that is scary.

The biggest lesson that I've learned in the last year is that you can only plan so much, sometimes you just have to let life happen.  When you do that, sometimes it can lead to the greatest things.  So every morning I wake up and just face the fact that the future is uncertain.  I'm learning little by little to embrace spontaneous moments when I can.  I still keep lists upon lists of to-do's and plans, but I'm learning that life isn't always going to do what you expect and that isn't always something to be afraid of.

Happy Monday everyone.  Get out there and be a little weird today.  Live on the edge.  I might eat ice cream for dinner tonight and just be a little spontaneous.

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Great post! The fear of uncertainty is a big one for me as well! Tonight I will eat ice cream and pretend I know where my life is taking me :)

  2. One of my favorite quotes, and so very true!

  3. I ate swedish fish for lunch. Cheers!

    I hate when something ruins my plans, but after I get over my initial hissy fit, I can wing it pretty well and find something good in whatever comes along.

  4. Subway rats sound terrifying (just saying). I'm definitely a planner, but it does seem like some of the best things weren't planned.

  5. Uncertainly can be incredibly scary, but I find it almost always leads to amazing things.

  6. That quote couldn't be more true! It made all the difference once I left my comfort zone and moved 1400 miles from home!

  7. I miss you like more than anything... ever. BUT you guys are amazing and taking chances and living out an opportunity people dream of! "adventure is out therrreeee!"


  8. You just gotta go out and live life. Take a chance at everything!


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