October 17, 2014

Favorites on Friday

It is Friday and I have a lot of favorite things today, so I'm linking up with Amanda to share them.

Favorite Read - I'm a little behind in my blog reading, but I saw this post from Steph about Ways to Define a Day and I loved it.  I love taking a second at the end of each day to reflect a little and these questions are perfect.

Also, I have to say that I've been loving catching up on the Blogtober posts.  There have been a few days that I haven't stuck with the prompts (like today), but I love the different takes on some of the questions.

Favorite Picture - One week ago, we were enjoying the last morning of our vacation with a sunrise over the ocean.

Favorite Song - Shut up and Dance

Favorite Recipe - this Corn Chowdah Mac & Cheese.  We ate it a few days this week because it made a ton and we all know that mac & cheese is so good as leftovers.

Favorite Moments - We love when people come to NYC for work because it means we can usually squeeze in a happy hour date with them.  We had one with our newlywed friend Lacey on Wednesday at the Bryant Park Grill.  It was so fun to catch up and hear all about their wedding.

One of our good friends bought his plane tickets to come and visit us the week after his birthday which means we get to celebrate with him for a whole weekend.

I had a 2 hour long FaceTime with one of my best friends last night.  She just got back from a 19 day European adventure and I was so excited to hear all about it.  I'm also glad I convinced her to send me all 800 pictures she took because that will give me some entertainment later today.

Favorite Purchase - A little surprise for a friend far away that should be delivering next week.  Also, we are shipping some thank you packages to our fathers for helping us get through all of our house drama last month.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.  We will be taking in another Broadway play with our friend, Jen, and possibly a day trip up the Hudson Valley to do some hiking or exploring since the weather is supposed to be warm and beautiful.


  1. I've never heard that Shut Up + Dance song before, but I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned! Enjoy!

  3. Blogtober is actually annoying me on some days.... oops! I don't like reading the same things from everyone EVERY day of the month!! And that mac and cheese recipe sounds DELISH- saving!!!

  4. That sunrise is AMAZING. And the reason taking in a shore sunrise in the fall is on my fall goal list. Even if it means getting up and leaving the house at 5 a.m.

    I dislike daily prompts for the month because I feel like I'm reading the same thing everywhere. I'd like it if it was like two times a week or limited to 10 days. 30 days is a bit much.


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